Community composting hub locations

Find your nearest Brisbane City Council community composting hub and register to start composting.

View the map or the table to find community composting hub locations and information. A new caddy can be collected from your local ward office.

All community composting hubs have 24-hour access. Once registered, you can start bringing your kitchen scraps to the hub. You do not need to have a kitchen caddy to start using the hub. Some residents choose to reuse an old yoghurt or ice cream container to carry their food scraps to their local community composting hub.

Register online to be involved at a community composting hub near you.

Council is working hard to grow our community composting network but if there isn’t one close to your home yet, we encourage you to check out ShareWaste to connect with neighbours who are interested in accepting your scraps to feed their worm farm, chickens or compost stations.

If you'd like to learn more, attend one of our free compost and worm farm workshops.

Community composting hubs

View the composting hub locations in table view by choosing the "Text view" toggle above the map.

Last updated:2 December 2019
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