Habitat Brisbane - community bushcare

The Habitat Brisbane program is Brisbane City Council's community bushcare volunteer program. It supports over 160 Habitat Brisbane groups whose hands-on conservation efforts protect and enhance habitat and biodiversity in bushland, parks, wetlands and waterways across Brisbane.

Habitat Brisbane groups are run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. Groups work in partnership with Council and receive advice and support from Council's Habitat Brisbane officers. Whatever your skill level and motivation, joining your local Habitat Brisbane group is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills, connect to nature, be active and healthy, and make a difference to your local environment.

Habitat Brisbane groups undertake a variety of activities including:

  • weed removal
  • revegetating with locally native plants
  • mulching
  • citizen science projects
  • conducting flora and fauna surveys
  • drawing people together to build community partnerships and friendships
  • hosting community planting days and open days
  • reducing illegal dumping through community awareness and education
  • training and workshops.

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Find your local group in the list below. For more information, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 or email our Habitat Brisbane team.

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Habitat Brisbane videos

Habitat tripods with Mike Fox - Fox Gully Bushcare Group, Mt Gravatt

This video is 53 seconds long.

Video transcript

>> MIKE FOX:  One of the things we have been doing is building habitat tripods. 

Just using some of the fallen timber and making a tripod. 

And then growing something like this dusky coral pea and shrubs up around it. 

The main logic behind this, and why we started doing this, is providing habitat for fairy-wrens. 

As we clean up lantana and clear some of the scrubby, untidy bush, we are getting rid of safe places for fairy-wrens. 

So the thinking is to create these alternative spaces. 

The other thing this does is also as we get more and more species growing up through it and around it, we get more insects.  

And insects are what the fairy-wrens want to eat. 

So, we are actually trying to regenerate the forest. 

[end screen] Find out how to get involved by searching ‘habitat’ at brisbane.qld.gov.au. 

Koala drinking stations with Mike Fox - Fox Gully Bushcare Group, Mt Gravatt

This video is 47 seconds long.

Video transcript

>> MIKE FOX: So at the moment we’ve got a koala drinker project underway to see if providing water for koalas will make a difference on the mountain.  

This photo came in last night from the cameras that monitor it, and there is a koala climbing up the tree past the drinker.  

So we have got kolas using the drinkers, brush-tailed possums using the drinkers, brush-tails with babies, koalas with babies, friarbirds, king parrots, fairy-wrens, you name it.  

Everyone is using those water sources.  

So it’s really…now we are looking at what we can do to make it long term.  

Sort of 10 years, 20 years. 

[end screen] Find out how to get involved by searching ‘habitat’ at brisbane.qld.gov.au. 

Last updated: 18 January 2021