Eastern Habitat Brisbane groups

Find a list of the Habitat Brisbane volunteer groups in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane. To join a Habitat Brisbane group or for information, phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888.

From 12 midday on Friday 3 July 2020, stage 3 of the Queensland Government's roadmap to easing restrictions will allow Habitat Brisbane volunteer activities (bushland restoration on Council land) to have a maximum of 100 people. Social distancing and hygiene practices, as outlined in the Community Restoration COVID-safe guidelines will be implemented at these activities and working bees.

Any events with over 100 people expected will require Council approval and a COVID-safe plan.


Belmont Hills Conservation Group

This group is carrying out restoration of valuable riparian (or riverbank) rainforest vegetation and habitat for an endangered fish species. The work is along Spring Creek, a tributary of Bulimba Creek Catchment. Group activities include rubbish removal, weed control and revegetation of locally native species. For more information, phone Nancy Cramond on 07 3398 2732.

She Oak Park Bushcare Group

She Oak Park Bushcare Group is a small but growing group of dedicated volunteers. They are working to restore and rehabilitate a series of heavily compacted and weed-infested ridges that are part of the Whites Hill corridor. The groups focus is re-establishing connectivity and wildlife corridor movement. They do this by increasing vegetation around well established areas before moving to the next stage of the site. The group is also keen to engage with local residents. They want scout groups, local schools and the community to raise awareness of the value of this bushland estate and wildlife corridors. If you are interested in attending a group day, phone Corbin on 0414 430 930.

Thredbo Park Bushcare Group

Thredbo Park Bushcare Group (in Belmont) works to protect and restore important habitat on a tributary of upper Bulimba Creek. It is part of an important corridor link to Dairy Swamp for local wildlife, including koalas. They connect with Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee and local neighbourhood. Activities include the planting of locally native species, weeding, tree rescue, mulching, flora and fauna surveys. Also includes morning tea and barbecues.

For more information, phone Keith Metcalf on 0428 773 672 or send an email.  


Myuna Park Bushcare Group

The Myuna Park Bushcare group consists of a large group of dedicated volunteers. They are committed to restoring a highly compromised site to its former dry rainforest/wet sclerophyll vegetation community. The site contains a gully with an ephemeral channel system that flows into the Brisbane River to the north. The group will progressively remove high priority weed vine species from the canopy and groundcover stratums. They will also slowly remove low, mid storey and canopy shrub/tree weed species. A staged approach will ensure the existing weed vegetation continues to provide habitat to the diverse range of fauna seen at the site. This will give native vegetation a chance to regenerate and be planted. This allows a gradual but progressive transformation with the long term objective of increasing the diversity of the site. For more information, phone Simon Wellingham on 0408 341 089.


Creek Bush Keepers Buranda

Creek Bush Keepers Buranda (also known as Buranda Bush Care group) is a community bush care group in Buranda. From March 2018 the group has been looking after a strip of land along Norman Creek near the Gladys Street busway. The main goal is to replace established weeds with native plants. Working bees are every second Sunday. The group welcomes new volunteers, adults and children.  For more information phone Anna Petrova on 0452 271 607 or email the group.


Brisbane Koala Bushlands Bushcare Group

Brisbane Koala Bushlands Bushcare Group is working on Council land between Jenyns Court and Leacroft Road, Burbank. This site is bounded by Tingalpa Creek and is part of Brisbane Koala Bushlands Reserve. This is one of the largest conservation reserves on the eastern side of Brisbane. This bushcare group undertakes a varied program of weed and rubbish removal and revegetation at selected sites within the Tingalpa Creek catchment. The group hopes to increase awareness of the local landholders and reserve neighbours about the important natural values of the area. For more information, phone Liz Bundy on 07 3341 3749.

Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill Bushcare Group

This bushcare group was founded in 2004 with original membership mainly drawn from Monte Carlo Caravan Park. It is now a small, hardworking group that usually meets on the second Sunday of each month from 8-10am. The 12-hectare reserve includes significant eucalypt remnant forest and mown parklands on Bulimba Creek. It contains a population of squirrel gliders. The group undertakes progressive weed control and is gradually working its way into the bushland to remove understorey weed infestations and regenerate native plant species. The overall goal is to improve the habitat values of the entire site. 

For more information, phone or text Leith or Barry Brackin on 0467 233 989 or send an email.


Phillips Creek Bushcare Group

Located in Carindale, this group has worked to restore the Phillips Creek tributary of Bulimba Creek. It now focuses on Buckley Street Park bushland area and drainage lines. Activities include weed control and revegetation of locally native plant species. For more information, phone Peter Ingersole on 07 3843 4410.

Stellar Carrington Habitat Group

The Stellar Carrington Habitat Group are restoring habitat along a tributary of Bulimba Creek. Works include control of environmental weeds and revegetation of locally native plant species. For more information, phone Rita Ford on 07 3843 0848.

Carina Heights

Friends of Salvin Creek

This group is responsible for the revegetation of mown parkland and some bush regeneration in existing remnant vegetation at Carina. Olivia Park is part of an important corridor link to the environmentally significant Whites Hill Reserve. For more information, phone Wayne Cameron on 07 3849 5727.

Sankey’s Scrub Bushcare Group

This bushcare group is working to restore the rainforest remnant known as Sankey’s Scrub. Sankey’s Scrub is on the south-eastern boundary of the Pine Mountain section of the Whites Hill Reserve at Carina. The group is restoring this rainforest through weed control to encourage natural regeneration and revegetation of highly degraded areas. For more information, phone John Evans on 07 3349 3550.

Whites Hill Bushcare Group

This group is restoring a small tributary and area of degraded eucalypt forest in the significant Whites Hill Reserve. Works include erosion control, removal of environmental weeds and some revegetation works. For more information, phone Rod Longmire on 07 3398 2101.


Bulimba Creek Enviro Group

Working on the eastern bank of Bulimba Creek between Eromanga Street and Winstanley Street, Carindale. The group’s main focus is on strategic weed control and habitat creation within this important riparian corridor. For more information, contact Ken Eadie on 07 3434 8888.


Bridgewater Creek FREECS

Bridgewater Creek FREECS is a small group working along the banks of Bridgewater Creek, Coorparoo. This group undertakes weed removal and revegetation. This is along the high bank of the creek, mainly where it flows through Wembley Park. For more information, phone Damien Madden on 07 3324 8307.

Finger Gullies Bushcare Group

The Finger Gullies Bushcare Group is a small but growing group of dedicated volunteers. They are working to restore and rehabilitate a series of heavily compacted and weedy gully lines running down from Whites Hill Reserve. The group focus on re-establishing connectivity and wildlife corridor movement. They do this by increasing vegetation around well-established mature eucalypts and other habitat trees along the gullies. The group is working with a staged approach to allow plants to establish before moving onto the next stage of the site. The group is also keen to engage with local residents. This includes scouts groups, local schools and the community to raise awareness of the value of this bushland estate and wildlife corridors. For more information, email Robert or phone Robert on 0438 071 165.

East Brisbane

Norman Creek FREECS Moorhen Flats

This group is undertaking revegetation of an old industrial site which is now parkland adjacent to Norman Creek, East Brisbane. Works carried out by the group include control of environmental weeds and revegetation of locally native plant species. These works have provided valuable habitat for local wildlife. For more information, phone Fran Thomas on 07 3397 2246.


Greenslopes Demonstration Catchment Project

Greenslopes Demonstration Catchment Project initiated with support from the Norman Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (N4C). The site covers approximately one kilometre of land. The land is on either side of Norman Creek between Merrell Street, Greenslopes and Arnwood Place, Annerley. It is adjacent to the South East Transit (busway), which runs along the South East Freeway. The group's activities include weed control and revegetation along the creek as well as in-stream natural channel design works. For more information, phone Tim McMaster on 0409 345 943.


Lota Creek Habitat Group

This small group is working to facilitate natural regeneration of remnant eucalypt woodland in Lota Creek Reserve adjacent to the beautiful Lota Creek. Key members of the group are also active members in the long running Melaleuca Environmental Park Bushcare project. For more information, phone Marion Weedon on 07 3393 3563.


Mackenzie Bushcare Group

Mackenzie Bushcare Group is working to protect and enhance the natural vegetation within the suburb of Mackenzie. The community group helps manage these “island” ecosystems through revegetation, weed control, encouraging natural regrowth and the installation of nesting boxed for birds and mammals. These areas are divided by a suburban road and separated from the larger Mt Petrie Road Reserves by the Energex powerline. The Mt Petrie Road Reserves form the southern end of the natural habitat corridor through the Mt Petrie Crown land to the Belmont Shooting Range. The Group also work on the Cane Toad Trapping program in Mackenzie Lake. The outfall from the Lake flows under Mt Petrie Road and the Gateway Motorway before entering the Bulimba Creek natural habitat corridor. For more information email gregwellard@outlook.com or phone on 07 33435235.


Harman's Reserve Bushcare Group

This group is working in Harman's Reserve at Manly to restore vegetation along a tributary of Lota Creek. Activities include weed control to encourage natural regeneration of a wetland and revegetation works to re-establish adjacent eucalypt forest. The works carried out by this group are helping to enhance habitat for local wildlife including koalas. For more information, phone Gayle Jensen on 0423 845 237.

Manly West

Melaleuca Environmental Park Bushcare Group

This group undertakes revegetation, weed control and community environmental education at Melaleuca Environmental Park, Manly West. For more information, email the team.


Mansfield ​Bushcare Group

Formed in 1999, this group is working along the Bulimba Creek corridor between Banika Street and Wecker Road, Mansfield. The large project site means the group is working at several distinct sites. They remove weeds and dumped rubbish from regenerating bushland. They replant local native plants and generating community ownership of a site that has been neglected. For more information, phone Phil Young on 07 3849 3812.

Mount Gravatt East

Lambertia Close Enviro Group

This group is working to restore the banks of Salvin Creek between Cavendish and Pine Mountain Roads. Activities carried out by the group include weeding, planting of local native plants and erosion control. For more information, contact Ken Eadie on 07 3403 8888.

Norman Park

Bennetts Bush Defenders

The Bennetts Bush Defenders are working to restore a small reserve in Norman Park/Morningside. This reserve contains an intact open eucalypt forest. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife species including birds and reptiles. The group is removing environmental weeds to encourage natural regeneration on the site. They also do some revegetation works in areas that are highly degraded. For more information, phone Leonie and Shayne Lea on 07 3899 0662.

Seven Hills

Majestic Isis Habitat Group

This habitat group is working to restore a road reserve in Seven Hills, helping to create habitat for local wildlife. The group is carrying out weed control and revegetation of locally native plant species. Monthly working bees are held from 8-10am on the third Sunday of each month.

For more information, phone Robyn Besley on 07 3899 5959 or send an email. Alternatively, send an email to Bill Lucas.

Perrin Creek Bushcare Group, Miawela St Park

Perrin Creek Bushcare Group is in a highly modified section of Perrin Creek, closely surrounded by suburbia. The group aims to restore the narrow waterway with native plant diversity and re-connect the local community with the creek. For more information, phone Graham Kimber on 0488 744 700.

Stones Corner

Burnett Swamp Bushcare Group

The core of this group is parents of children attending the Stones Corner Kindergarten at Buranda. The group is working to develop a bush food garden, increase habitat and reduce erosion. They facilitate environmental education along the high ground adjacent to this channelised and mown section of Norman Creek. For more information, phone Deb Robbins on 07 3847 3659.


Carmichael Park Bushcare Group

Carmichael Park contains several distinct habitats with many bird species, gliders and bandicoots as residents or seasonal visitors. It was once part of an extensive landscape of billabongs and wetlands with ridges of Eucalypt forest. The site was gifted to Council. It is an important wildlife corridor. The bushcare group aims to improve habitat value and ensure safe wildlife movement and population diversity. For more information, phone Lesley Miller on 07 3890 3943.


Mookin-Bah Bushcare Group

Mookin-Bah Bushcare Group is dedicated to the regeneration of a large site at 108 Green Camp Road, Wakerley. The area forms part of the Bayside Parklands complex and lies adjacent to the Lota Creek floodplain. The area was leased for grazing for many years and has been degraded by weed infestation. The group's activities include buffer plantings and natural regeneration from remnant natives on site. They also supplement regeneration with direct seeding plots using locally-collected seed. For more information, phone Keith Brown on 0414 869 688.


Wynnum Creek Bushcare Group

The Wynnum Creek Bushcare Group is at the head of Wynnum Creek Catchment. The group focus is on removing mid storey and ground cover weeds. It also wants to re-establish a diverse range of habitat to encourage wildlife movement through this section of bushland. The group has also prioritised the protection of the endangered plant community and native frog population. As the group's site backs onto a local school. They are keen to engage the school environment group to foster a long term partnership. This will raise awareness of bushland protection in the community. For more information, email Robyn.

Last updated: 22 December 2020