Northern Habitat Brisbane groups

Find a list of the Habitat Brisbane volunteer groups in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. To join a Habitat Brisbane group, or if you would like more information, phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888.

Habitat Brisbane program suspended

Due to coronavirus, Council has suspended activities associated with Habitat Brisbane groups, to assist with social distancing requirements.

Bald Hills

Bald Hills Bushies

The Bald Hills Bushies started back in 1993, working to restore an old sand and gravel extraction site on the bank of Pine River at Barungwarra Reserve, Bald Hills. The group, in partnership with Council, have transformed the site with bushland plantings. Paths now wind their way through bushland, creating space for recreation and habitat for wildlife. In conjunction with mangroves fringing the river and adjacent wetlands, the site is one of the most diverse habitats for birds in Brisbane. The group meets at the Barungwarra boat ramp at 7am on the third Saturday of every month to work in the park - weeding, mulching and planting. Work is normally finished by 9am. Group members also meet socially at Ahoy Cafe, Bald Hills Road, Bald Hills on the first Thursday of every month. For more information, phone Glen Tuckett on 0439 070 164.


Boondall Wetlands

Bushcare volunteers have been working in the Boondall Wetlands Reserve since 2006. This is a natural bushland area which includes the edge of the salt marsh, casuarina, melaleuca and eucalypt woodlands. This group works by hand weeding to reduce the concentration of weeds to allow the natural re-generation of native vegetation. Native vegetation re-establishes itself quite quickly after weeds have been removed. Over the years the number and size of the weeds in the group's areas have been significantly reduced and regeneration of native species has been and remains an on-going success story.

Boondall Wetlands Bushcare group meets on Friday morning, and also on the first and third Monday morning of each month. For more information phone Noel on 3216 5410 or Jean on 3260 6503. 


Brighton Wetlands Habitat Group

An enthusiastic and talented bunch of local residents who adjoin the Brighton Wetlands have joined together to look after the Wetlands, drawing on local expertise to help identify the myriad of wetland plants and animals. The group has identified key areas in each of the three woodlands: Goodenia, Pimelea and Dianella which make up the Brighton Wetlands, where they can make a difference by selective weeding and replanting with appropriate species. There is also a small tidal creek, Copold Creek, which runs through into Bramble Bay. For more information phone Jenny Kingdom on 0439 746 905 or Nev Kingdom on 0411 535 240 or send them an email.


Carseldine Bush Crew

This group is working in riparian (or riverbank) rainforest along Cabbage Tree Creek. This beautiful section of creek is an important squirrel glider habitat. The group is dedicated to removing vine weeds from the site and replanting to fill the gaps and increase the width of the current corridor. For more information phone James Hansen on 0427 827 443.

Ferny Grove

Ferny Grove Bushcare Group

The Ferny Grove Bushcare Group is working with the Keperra Kings - Young Adults with a Disability to restore riparian vegetation to the lower portion of Cedar Creek (a tributary of Kedron Brook). The group is working to rehabilitate the Ferny Grove Bushland along Cedar Creek by removing weeds and replanting with local species. For more information, phone John Jordaan on 0408 172 309.

Wahminda Grove Bushcare Group

This group is rehabilitating the upper reaches of Kedron Brook where it runs through Brisbane Forest Park. This section has good natural values, but is threatened by garden rubbish dumping and the impact of stormwater. The group is working strategically on removal of weeds where bushland adjoins a residential area, as well as planting to fill gaps in the riparian (or riverbank) vegetation. For more information, phone Lynne or Ann Ellerman on 07 3351 1805.


Greenbrook Association

This is one of the longest-running bushcare groups in Brisbane, based at Grange Forest Park along Kedron Brook. This group has devoted a lot of energy to raising awareness in the local community through the distribution of a newsletter (to 3000 households) focusing on local wildlife. For more information phone Greg Smith on 07 3356 7375.


Kalinga Park Bushcare Group

This group is working on the northern bank of the Kedron Brook in the Kalinga park, consolidating the many years of previous work and returning the site to useful native habitat for all to enjoy. Of particular importance to this group is the protection of remnant Waterhousea floribunda (Weeping Lillipilli). For more information email Bernadette Crook or phone 0488 404 346.


Benelong Bushcare Group

This group is working in a remnant patch of bushland along a tributary of Kedron Brook at Kedron. This small area of Eucalypt Woodland is quite diverse in native grasses, herbs and shrubs and has a long history of community involvement. The group are working to rehabilitate the woodland and waterway to create and enhance habitat for wildlife including a large number of ground dwelling birds. Activities they undertake include weeding, planting, seed collection and plant propagation. New members are very welcome. For more information, phone Rob Lucas on 07 3403 8888 during business hours.


Cabbage Tree Kids Bushcare Group

This small dedicated band are passionate about Chermside Hills Reserve, which is home to over 115 bird species as well as bats, gliders and swamp wallabies. The group is working to restore the shady area of Little Cabbage Tree Creek where it passes through the south-western corner of the reserve. For more information phone Rita Collins on 0417 727 658.

Downfall Creek Bushcare Project

Help restore a natural reserve while learning about the flora and fauna of the area and the management of the various weed species.Join the friendly and knowledgeable bushcare volunteers at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, as they set about restoring bushland within Raven St Reserve at West Chermside. In addition to weeding to allow for natural regeneration, they also collect seeds from within the reserve and propagate them in the nursery, for planting, where required. Raven Street Reserve is part of the Mountains to Mangroves corridor, and has a number of distinctly different plant communities which are home to a great diversity of plants and animals. For more information phone Sandra on 0412 758 640.

A second group, called Friends of Downfall Creek, meets on the third Saturday of every month. For more information phone Rita Collins on 0417 727 658.

McDowall Bushcare Group

The group is working along the Cabbage Tree Creek corridor below Bunyaville State Forest. The riparian (or riverbank) zone in this section is rich in native species but under serious threat from cat's claw creeper. The group are working in partnership with Council to control this high priority environmental weed, and are progressively removing weeds and undertaking some planting to assist the natural regeneration along this beautiful creek line. For more information phone Lesley Watson on 07 3353 5539.

Moreton Island

Cowan Cowan Habitat Group

This group of local residents work on a bushland reserve on Moreton Island behind the beach. The reserve has been invaded by garden escapee weeds including creeping asparagus, fishbone ferns and umbrella trees. They are removing weeds to stop them spreading into adjacent wilderness areas and to allow for natural regeneration. For more information phone Shona Di Clemente on 0403 843 485.


Zion Hill Bushcare Group

This group is working to restore a Melaleuca wetland remnant surrounding the historic cemetery at Nundah. The area has been heavily impacted in the past by clearing and weed invasion. The group is undertaking buffer planting around the perimeter of the remnant in addition to strategic weed control within the wetland. For more information email Peter Weir.


Small Bird Reserve Bushcare Project

This innovative new project is located in Curlew Park at Sandgate, and seeks to conserve and promote habitat for small birds, particularly blue wrens, currently living in an inaccessible section of the park, by gradually replacing weeds with suitable native species.

In partnership with Council, the project has been responsible for the construction of a Swallow House - a unique shelter for Welcome Swallows and Fairy Martins to build their mud nests, as well as roosting opportunities for microbats. This project is visible form the railway line and provides an ideal opportunity to raise awareness about the value of small birds and microbats as an integral part of our urban environment. For more information phone Frank Box on 0421 488 622.


Teneriffe Bushcare

Teneriffe Bushcare work on a jewel of a bush patch which has a view across the river. This patch is the most inner-city bushland remnant, and contains both Eucalypt forest and rainforest communities. The bushcare group have been working here for 20 years and have restored bushland from what was a completely weed-infested area. The bushland is on Teneriffe Drive at Teneriffe. For more information phone Virginia Russell on 0432 602 184.


Northey Street Revegetation Group

Northey Street City Farm is a three hectare permaculture community garden on the banks of Enoggera Creek in Windsor. The creek area is being regenerated with native species, including bush foods and cabinet timbers. The rest of the farm includes an organic market garden and kitchen garden, fruit orchards, chicken runs, a nursery, a weekend farmers' market and a cafe. The farm hosts a number of annual events as well as a range of permaculture and horticulture training courses and visits by school groups. For more information phone Ko Oishi on 07 3857 8775.


Melrose Park Bushcare Group

This local residents' group is rehabilitating a tributary of Kedron Brook that runs through Melrose Park at Wooloowin. This site is gradually being restored with plantings of local creek species to provide habitat for wildlife and a quiet place for contemplation. For more information phone Carolyn and John Lister on 07 3357 2093.

Last updated:25 March 2020