Southern Habitat Brisbane groups

Find a list of the Habitat Brisbane volunteer groups in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. To join a Habitat Brisbane group, or if you would like more information, phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888.

Habitat Brisbane program suspended

Due to coronavirus, Council has suspended activities associated with Habitat Brisbane groups, to assist with social distancing requirements.


Arnwood Place Bushcare Group

Arnwood Place Bushcare Group maintains a major riparian revegetation area that was planted in 2001 and 2003 by Council, Norman Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee, and the local community. Our goals are to reduce erosion along the banks of Norman Creek, improve habitat for native animals, and involve local people in an enjoyable and social outdoor activity. Norman Creek has a long history of disturbance, so we do planting in addition to weed control. For more information or to join, email Stephanie Ford.

Lagonda Park Bushcare Group

This group works in an urban park at the corner of Lagonda Street and Clive Street, Annerley. The group formed in 1990 with aims to rezone the park, control weeds, regenerate the wetland/creek site and establish indigenous flora in appropriate areas of the park. For more information, phone Greg Church on 0422 277 978.


Doulton-Alfred Park Bushcare Group

The Doulton-Alfred Park Bushcare Group carries out weed control and revegetation work between Doulton Street and Alfred Street in Calamvale. This project will help control weeds and provide important habitat for local wildlife. For more information, phone Michael Ryan on 0417 627 943.


Caesar's Place Bushcare Group

Working in parkland along the Brisbane River, this group concentrates on revegetating the creek line that runs through the park. Their work focuses on weed control and revegetation of rainforest species, including the endangered angle-stemmed myrtle (Gossia gonoclada). This project will help control weeds and provide important habitat for local wildlife. For more information, phone Marguerite Renouf on 0478 220 551.


Benarrawa Bushcare Group

Working in Benarrawa Park at Allen Street in Corinda, this group focuses on rehabilitating the banks of a tributary of Oxley Creek. This is a designated recovery site for the endangered angle-stemmed myrtle (Gossia gonoclada). For more information, phone Noel Standfast on 0417 703 442.

Nosworthy Park Bushcare Group

The Nosworthy Park Bushcare Group is working to restore riparian vegetation along Oxley Creek. This project involves weed control, erosion control and revegetation of wetland, open forest and dry rainforest species. The park is also home to the endangered angle-stemmed myrtle (Gossia gonoclada), which the group is restoring habitat for, assisting in the recovery of the species. For more information, phone Marie Holingworth on 0408 465 591.

Pennywort Creek Bushcare Group

This group concentrates on restoring wetland habitat along the banks of Pennywort Creek. The group is expanding its site to include an upstream area located in parkland across the road from its existing site on the corner of Cliveden Avenue and Pratten Street, Corinda. Pennywort Creek Bushcare Group is one of about seven Habitat Brisbane sites that are also part of the Oxley Creek Catchment Association network. For more information, email Trevor Armstrong or phone 0414 691 264.

Francis and Augustus Streets Park Bushcare Group

The aim of this group is to restore and regenerate the natural bushland from Francis Outlook down to Horace Window Reserve on the Brisbane River riverfront. This will provide an enhanced ecosystem for native flora and fauna. The group is also encouraging neighbours to treat weeds on their properties that are affecting the reserve. For more information contact Carmen Mendel on 0412470769.

Eight Mile Plains

Wishart Outlook Bushcare Group

The Wishart Outlook Bushcare Group is working along the upper reaches of Bulimba Creek in the Maisie Dixon Park, Eight Mile Plains. The site is located at two of the eight main tributaries: Bulimba Creek East and Bulimba Creek West. The group seeks to enhance native riverbank vegetation to establish a corridor of quality habitat linking to the Wishart Bushcare site on the northern side of the creek. For more information, phone Melissa Walker on 0433 773 034.


Faulkner Park Bushcare Group

The Faulkner Park Bushcare Group is restoring this important area adjacent to the Brisbane River at Graceville. This area features a mixture of open forest, riparian creekline vegetation and large open spaces. The group's emphasis is on providing additional habitat for native birds, which need larger areas of dense vegetation to avoid predators and hold their own against aggressive miners. For more information, phone Jane O’Sullivan on 0427 420 743.

Strickland Tce Parklands Bushcare Group

Working in the Strickland Terrace Parklands on the banks of Oxley Creek at Sherwood, this group has a strong fauna focus, with many species of birds using the site for nesting and feeding. For more information, phone Jocelyn Clarkson on 07 3379 6021.

Highgate Hill

West End Greening Group

This group established a bushcare site at the end of Dauphin Terrace on the edge of the Brisbane River in early 1995. Members encourage the regrowth of local plant species, with an emphasis on dry rainforest species, to provide a viable habitat for local fauna. They also raise awareness in the surrounding community about the need to restore and protect local bushland. For more information, phone David McDonald on 07 3846 2262.

Holland Park West

Ekibin Creek Bushcare Group

This group works to restore riparian vegetation along Ekibin Creek at Holland Park. Activities include controlling environmental weeds and revegetating with local native plant species. For more information, phone Sue Akeroyd on 07 3349 8378.


Kev Hooper Park Bushcare Group

Working in Kev Hooper Park, Inala, this group brings the community together to restore a tributary of Blunder Creek. This site is home to a variety of wildlife, including freshwater shrimps, turtles, frogs and possums. The park's many large, hollow-bearing eucalypts support a large and diverse native bird population. For more information, phone John Maelich on 0429 196 294.

Middle Park

Horizon Drive Habitat Group

The Horizon Drive Habitat Group formed after a community-led campaign to save the bushland from development. The Horizon Drive Bushlands were purchased by Brisbane City Council in 2007 under the Bushland Preservation Levy. The 3ha site is a refuge for birds and other fauna, including occasional koalas and wallabies. Members work monthly with the aim of removing weed species to restore the bushlands to their former beauty. For more information, email Chris and Cheryl Elefson or phone them on 0414 476 738.


Moorooka Greening Group

This group is rehabilitating the 1km open-space corridor between Moolabin Park and the corner of Vendale Avenue and Tarragindi Road, Moorooka, to create an important corridor between Toohey Forest and Moolabin Creek. For more information, phone John Hegerty on 07 3892 7426.

Mt Gravatt

Fox Gully Bushcare Group

Fox Gully Bushcare Group is working to consolidate, restore and link the habitat of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve. Activities include restoring degraded areas adjoining private properties and working with property owners to build wildlife corridor links to Roly Chapman Bushland Reserve. With truckloads of weeds and rubbish removed and the most degraded areas replanted, the focus has now changed to natural regeneration, which the group is supporting by removing and composting weeds onsite, stabilising slopes, and then letting nature take over. The work is informed by extensive flora and fauna research conducted by the group, which has been used to support revegetation, ongoing community education and installation of habitat infrastructure (e.g. nest boxes used by squirrel gliders, kookaburras and rainbow lorikeets). For more information, phone Michael Fox on 0408 769 405.

Mt Gravatt Environment Group (MEG), Gertrude Petty Place

MEG formed in early 1999 with a charter that includes lobbying for protection of bushland in the Mt Gravatt area and undertaking bushland management activities in local parkland. The group works at Gertrude Petty Place in Mt Gravatt Bushland Reserve, and employs gentle bush restoration practices to retain and protect habitat linkages between bushland on Mt Gravatt and the Bulimba Creek corridor. For more information, email Sheamus O'Connor.


Cliveden Avenue Reserve Bushcare Group

Working in the reserve and adjacent wetland area on the banks of Oxley Creek at the end of Cliveden Avenue, Oxley, this group has a strong regeneration focus. The area is a refuge and designated recovery site for the endangered angle-stemmed myrtle (Gossia gonoclada). For more information, phone Carole Bristow on 07 3379 1453.

Lawson and Kendall Street Bushcare Group

The Lawson and Kendall Street Bushcare Group is working to improve the resilience and diversity of riparian vegetation in parkland along Oxley Creek at Kendall Street and its nearby tributary, Mayfly Creek, at Lawson Street, Oxley. The group aims to achieve this by controlling weeds to reduce competition with existing native plant species and to undertake strategic plantings of native species to better manage creek bank stability along the Kendall Street reach of Oxley Creek. For more information, email Rod Goldsworthy.

Rikki Bailey Park Bushcare Group

Rikki Bailey Park is located at Englefield Road, Oxley, within the upper Oxley Creek catchment. This group is working to restore eucalypt woodland by removing exotic weeds (e.g. agave, glycine, celtis, and weedy grass species) and regenerating native lomandras and grasses (e.g. kangaroo grass). For more information, phone Bronwyn Rigby on 0418 879 530 or Ingrid van Grysen 0414 309 357.

The Fort Bushland Reserve Bushcare Group

The reserve is located at Oxley and is a significant native bushland habitat. The main objectives of the bushcare group are the protection and rehabilitation of the bushland, education about the area's significant habitat value, and enhancement of the existing cleared area along Fort Road for use by residents. For more information, phone John Lahey on 07 3379 7293.


Wolston Creek Bushland Group

This 56ha parcel of parkland was handed over by the state government to Brisbane City Council in 2003. Following a bushwalk organised by Councillor Felicity Farmer in July 2003, a group of local people expressed interest in forming a bushcare group to help manage the area. This land is bordered by Wolston Creek to the south and Sumners Road to the north, and is a mix of remnant vegetation and mown parkland under powerlines. Wallabies are still seen frequently in the area. The group intends to conduct flora and fauna studies, remove weeds, replant appropriate native species, and identify local needs regarding pathways and viewing areas. For more information, phone Julie Vejile on 0402 048 611.


Brandon Road Bushcare Group

Working in parkland on the eastern side of Brandon Road, Runcorn, this group focuses on restoring wetlands that are part of the upper reaches of the Bulimba Creek catchment. Their work involves weed control, revegetation and creekbank stabilisation. The project aims to improve water quality and increase native plant and animal diversity. For more information, phone Margaret Buchanan on 0412 239 568.

Runcorn Wetlands - Dew Street Bushcare Group

This group is working on a wetland site in the upper reaches of Bulimba Creek catchment. They are currently concentrating on weed removal and replanting with indigenous species. This site has the potential to provide good bird, butterfly and, possibly, fish habitat. For more information, phone Ben Bruynesteyn on 0416 775 323. 


Rocky Waterholes Bushcare Group

This group works along the upper reach of Rocky Waterholes Creek in Salisbury, from Evans Road to McCarthy Road. Members focus on rehabilitating and revegetating the banks of the creek and the riparian zone. Their regular working bee is the third Sunday of the month from 8am to 10am. For more information, email Greg Tasney.


Gaddes Park Bushcare Group

Working in Gaddes Park, on the banks of Stable Swamp Creek, this group has a strong fauna focus, with a frog pond, butterfly host plants and native bees on site. For more information, phone Ian Lees on 0431 910 114.

Les Atkinson Park Bushcare Group

This group's main focus is on eradicating weeds and stabilising the banks of Stable Swamp Creek. They have a keen interest in the fauna using the park, and in propagating local provenance plants. For more information, phone Mick Richardson on 0428 950 251.

Upper Mount Gravatt

Roly Chapman Reserve Bushcare Group

This group is working to strengthen, protect and restore a unique blend of flora and fauna in an urban bushland context. Focusing on natural regeneration, they are removing weeds in a staged approach, assisting the process where required by planting local provenance species. They also aim to build community awareness, engagement and respect for the bush while enhancing an important corridor linkage between Roly Chapman Reserve and Toohey Forest. For more information, email Roly Chapman Reserve Bushcare Group.


Wishart Community Park Habitat Group

This group is working to restore the riparian corridor along Bulimba Creek off Maibry Street, Wishart. Works include controlling environmental weeds and revegetating locally native plant species. For more information, phone Reg Barr on 07 3349 4100.


Yeronga Bushcare Group

This group is passionate about establishing, maintaining and rehabilitating natural vegetation along the Brisbane River, which is an important natural corridor and a natural asset central to local amenity. Their work improves wildlife habitat and amenity and controls bank erosion. The Yeronga/Fairfield riparian areas support a diversity of Brisbane wildlife, including wedge-tail eagles, buff-banded rails (rare in Brisbane), wrens, kingfishers, lizards, frogs, butterflies and bandicoots. The riverside vegetation needs the group's active involvement to manage and improve it. New members are welcome to help with weed management and new plantings. For more information, email Yeronga Bushcare Group.

Last updated:25 March 2020