Western Habitat Brisbane groups

Find a list of the Habitat Brisbane volunteer groups in the western suburbs of Brisbane. To join a Habitat Brisbane group or if you would like more information, phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888.

Stage 3 of the Queensland Government's roadmap to easing restrictions allows Habitat Brisbane volunteer activities (bushland restoration on Council land) to have a maximum of 100 people. Social distancing and hygiene practices, as outlined in the Community Restoration COVID-safe guidelines, will be implemented at these activities and working bees.

Any events with over 100 people expected will require Council approval and a COVID-safe plan.


Anstead Park Bushcare Group

Anstead Park Bushcare Group is undertaking habitat restoration in an area of approximately 80 hectares which is the largest bushland site bordering the Brisbane River. The site consists of a mix of spotted gum, forest red gum, gum topped box open forests and riparian (or riverbank) forest communities. It is home to 132 species of vertebrate fauna. 


Ashgrove Avenue (Newmarket Bowls Club) Bushcare Group

​Ashgrove Avenue Bushcare Group has been working on site for over 16 years. They recently adopted a new planting area, removing weedy grasses and woody weed trees, mulching and planting the site adjacent to Enoggera Creek.

For more information, phone Trevor Ozanne on 07 3356 0532.

Ashgrove Sports Ground Bushcare Group

The Ashgrove Sports Ground Bushcare Group started in 2019, continuing work done by earlier Bushcare groups along a section of Enoggera Creek. The project will maintain an important riparian corridor adjacent to the Enoggera (Gallipoli) Barracks that forms part of the link to Mt Coot-tha. The site connects areas of important aquatic biodiversity from Fish Creek to Ithaca Creek and down to Breakfast Creek. For more information phone Dean Wyatt on 0432 688 244.

Corbie Street Park Bushcare Group

The residents of Corbie Street, Ashgrove have been working for 20 years to restore the creek corridor along Enoggera Creek and adjacent parkland. The group have undertaken weeding, planting and mulching the riparian area. They have installed nest boxes to support local wildlife and are ensuring their plants are flood friendly. For more information phone Ross Kelly on 0411 746 215.

Enoggera Creek Reserve Bushcare Group

This bush care site was started in late 2001. The site was a dry Eucalypt hillside with a weed-dominated gully with some dry rainforest remnants. Both were smothered by Cat's Claw, Ochna, and other woody weeds. Over the past decade, a large area has been cleared of the weed infestation, a shrub layer has been established and the native grasses and groundcovers are now self-sowing. For more information phone Dick Harding on 07 3366 2435.

Royal Parade Bushcare Group

The Royal Parade Bushcare Group works on the north bank of Enoggera Creek, downstream of the Gresham Street Bridge at St Johns Wood, adjacent to Royal Parade.

For more information, phone the Western Habitat Brisbane Officer on 07 3403 8888.

Tennis Ave Bushcare Group

Tennis Avenue Bushcare Group is restoring a stretch of Enoggera Creek, just upstream from its confluence with Ithaca Creek. The site has some historic and remnant trees and the group's focus is to maintain and improve this important corridor link with infill planting and weed management. For more information phone Kelvin Barfoot on 0415 606 344.

Three Mile Scrub - Quandong Park

Working collaboratively with the adjoining Three Mile Scrub - Seils Park group, this group is working strategically to slowly manage large areas of elephant grass by gradually shading them out with canopy species. The site has a range of fauna species, including many bird species that utilise the cane grass areas. This strategic approach aims to slowly transition the exotic grass areas into native vegetation, trying to duplicate the current structure that currently provides habitat and without disrupting existing fauna populations.

For more information, phone Chris Galbraith on 0419 724 574.

Three Mile Scrub - Seils Park

This group of local residents focus on bush regeneration, with supplementary plantings of local native species as required. The bushcare area represents two plant communities - gallery rainforest along the riparian strip and southern bank of Enoggera Creek and open forest on the steeper northern bank. The group is working to slowly manage a large area of elephant grass by gradually shading it out with canopy species. A long stem planting technique is being trialled in an area that receives high-velocity flows. For more information, phone Jim Lewis on 0447 218 894 or Peter Browning on 0448 899 478.


Bowman Park Frog Habitat Restoration Group

Bowman Park Frog Habitat actively maintains a series of frog breeding sites, and creek vegetation at Bowman Park, Simpsons Road, Bardon. Working bees are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 7.30am.

For more information, phone Phil Bird on 0407 664 909 or send an email.

Greening Dawn Street Bushcare Group

This group was formed in 2010 by experienced bush carers from other sites and groups. Activities include weeding, mulching, and planting by local residents and volunteers, rehabilitating a section of Ithaca Creek in Dawn Street Park.

For more information, phone Bruce Gray on 0417 195 464.

Lugg Street Habitat Group

The Lugg Street Habitat Group was started in 2018, continuing the work done on the site in previous years along a section of Ithaca Creek in Red Hill. The focus is the removal of invasive and exotic vegetation species and their subsequent replacement with native and endemic species. The goal is to improve the local vegetation mosaic to provide further foraging, nesting, shelter and roosting sites for local fauna. It will also improve the resilience of the creek bank through erosion prevention and further enhancing the riparian corridor. For more information phone Murray Oke on 0474 211 682.

Saba's Corner Bushcare Group

This site was a labour of love for local resident Saba Burns from 2003 to 2019. Recently a new neighbour has taken up where Saba left off and will continue her amazing work. The site has been extensively cleared of weeds and regenerated to locally native habitat. The group maintains the riparian area around the corner of Cecil Road and Coopers Camp Road, Bardon. For more information phone Mel Isaacs on 0419 149 800.

Stonebrook Bushcare Group

The Stonebrook Bushcare Group formed in August 2010. Volunteers work on Ithaca Creek on the cycleway from Carwoola Street to Purtell Park and Simpsons Road, including the area behind the Canopy Apartments to the creek. Working bees are held on Sunday mornings from 8am, with volunteers meeting at Canopy Apartments.

For more information, phone Maggie Magafakis on 0413 973 011.

Western Creek Habitat Group

The Western Creek Bushcare Group formed in 2016 to do restoration work on the upper catchment of Western Creek adjacent to Couldrey St. Working within Colorado Ave Park, Bardon; the group has a fantastic opportunity to help a large patch of remnant vegetation. Work will include weeding, planting and identification of resident species. Volunteer working bees are held the first and third Monday of the month 8:30am – 11:30am. For more information phone John Waters on 07 3870 8664 or send an email western_creek@fastmail.fm


Brookfield Showground Bushcare Group

Brookfield Showground Bushcare Group was originally a project of the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers (ATCV) group. The focus of the work was on weed removal and replanting with rainforest plants. Other project sites include the restoration of frog habitat from a side tributary into Moggill Creek. For more information phone Damien Egan on 0400 737 122.

Savages Road Bush Care Group

This group, established in 2016, is creating a riparian zone and managing invasive weeds between Wonga Creek and Savages Road, Brookfield. For more information about the group and future working bees, phone John Crowley on 07 3374 0723. 

Upper Gold Creek Bushcare Group

The Upper Gold Creek Bushcare Group is active in the restoration of road and creekside vegetation on Upper Gold Creek Road. For more information phone Gordon Grigg on 07 3374 1737.

Chapel Hill

Ardes and Lomandra Street Parks Bushcare Group

Nestled in the suburb of Chapel Hill, this neglected patch of bush, listed as an 'ecosystem of concern', will be restored. The group will focus on the removal of weeds, reestablishment of native vegetation and improvement of corridor linkages from Mt Coot-tha. For more information, email Pam or phone Pam on 0417 645 368.

Brushbox Bushcare Group

Brushbox Bushcare Group works to improve the liveability of their area and maintain a strong community spirit. By building connectivity, native vegetation coverage and efficient water flow throughout their section of Cubberla Creek the group dedicate their time to the perimeters of Rebecca Street Park, Satin wood Place. Growing with their community and actively seeking community interest the group wish to expand their restoration impact and residential landscape within the area. For more information and to join the group, phone David O’Driscoll on 0416 123 503.

Burns Parade Bushcare Group

The Burn’s Parade Bushcare Group is working on the creek banks of Cubberla Creek in Chapel Hill. Following on from the works initiated by Cubberla-Witton Catchments Networks (CWCN) the group are looking forward to changing the site from a degraded creek bank to a wonderful shady oasis, that is a haven for animals and people alike. For more information phone Henry Camacho 0430 628 325.

Butterfly Bushcare Group

Since 2005, the Butterfly Bushcare Group has been working on a hilltop site along Mt Coot-tha's Reservoir Trail to restore the natural vegetation to encourage butterflies and other insects, many of which are locally under threat due to urban development and loss of food plants for caterpillars. Loss of hilltop sites adds an additional threat.

Butterflies and other insects use the hilltop as a place to meet and find a mate. Some butterflies travel several kilometres to a hilltop. 

If you'd like to help with this work, consider joining the group for a working bee. For more information, phone Sameer Punde on 0420 580 031.

Clarina Street Park Bushcare Group

Working in a 4.3 hectare bushland block at the top of Witton Creek catchment, this group is enjoying the challenge of taking a degraded cat’s claw and ochna dominated area back to a more improved native ecosystem. For more information email Marshall D’Souza or phone 0413 697 079.

Greenhill Regenerators

This bushcare group formed in 2011, although work has been carried out at this site since 2008. The site extends from the Green Hill Reservoir at the top of Russell Terrace, Chapel Hill to the rear of the houses in Struan Street. Rubbish was removed from the site and the group are working to control a wide range of weed infestations. Revegetation and erosion control has been successfully carried out on half of the site. For more information phone Joan Wilkinson on 07 3378 3110.

Merri Merri Park Bushcare Park

This group is involved in protecting existing remnant vegetation, encouraging natural regeneration, establishing planting beds using local native and bush friendly species, as well as simply having enjoyable working bees. For more information phone Ross Muller on 07 3378 4249.

The Hut Bushland Care Group

This group's focus is on implementing bush regeneration techniques. This principally involves the encouragement of natural regeneration, with supplementary plantings of fire retardant and indigenous dry rainforest species as required. The group is closely linked with The Hut Environmental and Community Association Inc. (THECA) in Chapel Hill. For more information phone THECA on 07 3878 5088.

Wandering Weeders

The Wandering Weeders are a free-ranging group who work two mornings per week over 10 hectares on the edge of Mt Coot-tha Forest Park, near the Hut in Chapel Hill. Their work is focused on areas around walking tracks targeting weeds including signal grass and those weeds spread by birds. To date, the group has managed to eliminate ochna, corky passion vine, asparagus fern and lantana at their site. For more information phone Lyn and Phil Cole on 07 3378 3763.


Indooroopilly Woods Residents Group Inc. 

This group is based within Carinya Street Park and intends to improve the environment of area's adjoining the Western Freeway specifically between the Freeway and Tatong Street to the North and between the Freeway and Carinya Street to the South. The Group aim to enhance the area by removing weeds and planting suitable native plants within the area to improve the aesthetics for our residents and visitors whilst enhancing habitat for local wildlife particularly bird life. For more information contact Tom Baldrock on 0435 658 773 or via email.

Manaton Park Bushcare Group

Manaton Park located off Jesmond Road represents two plant communities namely dry riparian rainforest and open eucalypt forest. The Manaton Park Bushcare group is in the process of removing a range of woody weeds, grasses, and vines that are being progressively replaced with endemic species. Volunteer working bees from held from 7-9am on the first Saturday of each month.

For more information, phone Patty Munro on 07 3378 7900.

Moore Park Bushcare Group

This group has strong community involvement with local residents and Indooroopilly State School to restore Moore Park. By linking the available naturalist history of the area, the group aims to bring back the line of red Callistemons along the banks of Witton Creek in Moore Park. For more information phone Des Hoban on 07 3378 1011.

Rainbow Forest Experimental Rehabilitation Group

This group has been involved in the progressive rehabilitation of littoral rainforest indigenous to the area, and encouraging wildlife through sound practices, as well as providing an avenue for interested people to achieve something positive in an environmental project. For more information phone Ros Laundon on 07 3378 4906.

Taringa Parade Bushcare Group

The Taringa Parade Bushcare Group actively works on the open eucalypt slopes of Moore Park, Indooroopilly. The group has been rehabilitating the site through the process of assisted natural regeneration; removing weeds such as ochna, asparagus fern, exotic grasses and vines. For more information, phone Jutta Godwin on 0407 583 441.


Jindalee Bushcare Group

This group was established in 1996 and works along Wilsons Walkway, between Jindalee and Westlake, in the Mount Ommaney Bushland Reserve. The picturesque bushland runs next to the Brisbane River and contains shady dry rainforest and open eucalypt forest. It has a great diversity of plants and wildlife, especially birds. The group concentrates on planting and weeding specific areas at both ends of the walkway, as well as regularly removing new outbreaks of weed vines and woody weeds throughout the bushland reserve to stop them from spreading. Every working bee is finished off with morning tea. The group is always happy to welcome new members. No experience is necessary to participate. Working bees are held on the third Sunday of each month from 7.30-10am. The group meets mostly at Summit Place, Mount Ommaney, and occasionally at Mount Ommaney Drive, opposite Canowindra Street, Mount Ommaney. 

For more information, email Shealagh Walker.

Jindalee Creek Bushcare Group

This group is carrying out weed control and revegetation works along Jindalee Creek. This degraded vegetation community will be returned to its former diversity of wetland species, open forest species and dry rainforest species. This park is also habitat for the endangered plant angle-stemmed myrtle (Gossia gonoclada) which will be planted as part of the recovery of the species. For more information phone Rod Crockart on 07 3376 2639.

Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove Bushcare Group

This group is continuing its work to restore an old tip site at Breakfast Creek by planting local rainforest species and additional plantings in the park, to transform it into a green space. For more information, phone Giles Baxter on 0407 842 836.


Cubberla Creek Revegetation Group

From a small remnant, the group has established diverse plantings of canopy trees/shrubs (local to the area), while encouraging natural regeneration and promoting wildlife use, for example, bird populations, butterfly food and habitat plants. For more information phone Chris Jensen on 0488 108 808.

Kenmore South Creek Care

Kenmore South Creek Care is a group of parents, children, teachers and local neighbours working to restore the upper part of Little Gubberly Creek behind Kenmore South State School. Through weeding, planting and maintaining, the group hopes to grow a native forest and improve the environment for turtles and other animals that live in and along the creek. In creating a more accessible creek, the group hope to provide local children with an area to explore the creek and learn. 

For more information, email Cathy Collins or email Anna Hall.

Kersley Road Bushcare Group

This group works in a small, shaded rainforest oasis along Cubberla Creek. The group has spent many years replacing weeds with native vegetation along the creek’s edge, and have created a wonderful sun-dappled site to meander from Wallawa St through to Katunga St, Kenmore. For more information phone Mike Watson on 3878 1920.

Little Gubberley Bushcare Group

This group is focussed on repairing Little Gubberley Creek and rehabilitating the remnant littoral rainforest with strong involvement from the local community. For more information phone Carolyn Fitzgerald on 07 3378 2674.

Lower Moggill Bushcare Group

The Lower Moggill Bushcare Group has concentrated on the weeding and revegetation of the riparian (or riverbank) strip along Moggill Creek. The site is alongside the parkland at the end of Fortrose Street and features a 35 metre tall Moreton Bay Fig. For more information phone Judy Petro on 07 3378 3348.

McKay Brook Bushcare Group

The McKay Brook Bushcare Group started in 1998 and works in parkland adjacent to McKay Brook. The group focuses on weeding and replanting with rainforest species. Working bees are usually held on the first Saturday of each month from 2.30-4pm. 

For more information, phone Bryan Hacker on 07 3374 1468.

The Billabong Bushcare Group

The Billabong Bushcare Group has been working on weeding and restoring a billabong off Moggill Creek and along the riparian strip of Moggill Creek. Located upstream from Rafting Ground Park, the group is working towards linking up with other nearby Habitat Brisbane group sites and creating a healthier more diverse Moggill Creek. For more information phone Rosie Matters on 0422 471 557.

Kenmore Hills

Gap Creek Bushcare Group

The Gap Creek Bushcare Group works in the revegetation of Gap Creek and is currently focusing on a large site at the end of Kookaburra Street, Kenmore Hills. For more information phone Michael Humphreys on 07 3374 1467.

Huntington/Tuckett Bushcare Group

Huntington/Tuckett Bushcare Group has been active in a number of revegetation projects along Moggill Creek adjacent to Creekside Street, Huntington Estate and Tuckett Park. For more information phone Jim Pope on 07 3374 4181.


Camoola Street Bushcare Group

The bushcare volunteers are working at Camoola Street Park, Keperra to engage the local community and raise awareness about the environment.  The volunteers are working to enhance the local environment by rescuing remnant trees (predominantly Eucalyptus teretecornis) that would otherwise be smothered by exotic vines and create more habitat for wildlife through planting local native species in the park. For more information send an email to Annie.

Men of the Trees - Keperra Picnic Ground Bushcare Group

Men of the Trees actively contribute to the restoration of bushland through their activities at various sites across Brisbane.

To join a working bee, or for more information on the Keperra Picnic Ground Bushcare Group, phone John Donovan 0431 221 960.

Men of the Trees - Keryn Place Park Bushcare Group

Men of the Trees actively contribute to the restoration of bushland through their activities at various sites across Brisbane.

To join a working bee, or for more information on the Keryn Place Park Bushcare Group, phone Marion Goward 07 3366 1448.


Osborne Road Bushcare Group

This group is restoring a weed-infested reach of Kedron Brook upstream of Teralba Park at Mitchelton by replanting with local creek species and encouraging natural regeneration of Waterhousea floribunda, which once formed a graceful canopy all along the upper part of Kedron Brook. For more information phone Keren Sweeney on 07 3403 8888.

Tuesday Tree Liberators

Working on the southern bank of Kedron Brook upstream of Teralba Park Mitchelton. The area is also known locally as Pony Club Bend. The group is working to restore the weed-infested bank. This will increase biodiversity, provide habitat for wildlife and improve water quality. The group meets on Tuesdays for bushcare work as well as regular social activities. For more information phone Helen Moriarty on 07 3354 2396.


Davidson Street Bushcare Group

The Davidson Street Bushcare Group is progressively restoring the Davidson Street park to be more welcoming for native wildlife such as tusked frogs, pheasant coucals and squirrel gliders. The group is following on from the recently completed Healthy Land and Water project which included revegetation of native species and installing stormwater mining. This restoration will improve the wildlife corridor linkage between the existing Tennis Avenue and Corbie Street Bushcare Groups. For more information email Steven Hadley.


Pullenvale Forest Park Bushcare Group

The Pullenvale Forest Park Bushcare Group has been actively involved in the rehabilitation of a mixture of dry rainforest and open woodland communities along Pullen Pullen Creek. For more information phone Lynn Brown on 07 3202 8379.


Friends of Sherwood Arboretum

This group was formed in 1988, with the aim of improving the arboretum through community involvement. They have been working on several sites within the arboretum focusing on large-scale weed removal and regeneration of island areas. This will encourage frog habitat in the Melaleuca Grove through weed containment and selective planting and working along the riverside. For more information phone Carole Bristow on 07 3379 1453.

Strickland Terrace Parklands Bushcare Group

Working in the Strickland Terrace Parklands on the banks of Oxley Creek, Sherwood, this group has a strong fauna focus, with many species of birds using the site for nesting and feeding. 

For more information, phone Jocelyn Clarkson on 07 3379 6021. Leave a message if Jocelyn is unavailable.

St Lucia

Banksia Park Bushcare Group

This group works in a small bushland remnant in Banksia Park, Sixth Ave, St Lucia. The main aim of the group is to remove weed species and replant native vegetation, creating a wildlife oasis in the leafy suburb of St Lucia. For more information phone Norm Case on 0411 131 749.

Ironside Park, St Lucia Bushcare Group

This group is working to bring the four hectare bush park just behind Ironside State School back to a more balanced and diverse native habitat. The primary focus is saving the canopy from creeping vines and ridding the park of weeds, with the longer term aim of establishing some dry rainforest habitat in the gullies. For more information phone David Russell or Kate Stacey on 07 3870 1130.

St Lucia Esplanade Bushcare Group

Located adjacent to the Brisbane River at St Lucia, this group focusses on the restoration of the remnant riverine vegetation. The site is readily accessible with a well-developed river walk, to complement the group's revegetation efforts. For more information phone Barbara and Geoff Robins on 07 3371 5834.

St Lucia Golf Course Bushcare Group

St Lucia Gold Course Bushcare Group rescue and reinstate native vegetation beside the fairways and greens of the St Lucia Golf Course. Remnant patches of bushland have been at risk due to weed incursion which has impacted on the biodiversity of these areas. In conjunction with Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network, the group has commenced weeding these areas and planting local natives to create vital habitat. 

For more information phone Collette Sheridan on 0402 664 156 or email Collette.


Goldsborough Street Bushcare Group

Working in the Mt Coot-tha reserve along Taringa Parade, Taringa this group continues to transform what was previously a grassy paddock to a native bushland patch. For more information phone Habitat Brisbane Officer West on 07 3403 8888.

Heather's Patch Bushcare Group

Working in the Mt Coot-tha reserve along Taringa Parade, Taringa, this group works on the removal of weed species and replacing them with native vegetation. The group has had great success over the years and continues to expand the area they actively manage. For more information phone Habitat Brisbane Officer on 07 3403 8888.

The Gap

Bob Wilson/ Riaweena Street Bushcare Group

This group works on Riaweena Street, The Gap, west of Illowra Street. The group have spent many years removing the infestation of Cat’s Claw and Madeira Vine upstream of the footbridge to School Road. For more information phone Bob Whiteman on 07 3300 6585.

Glenella Street Park Bushcare Group

This group focusses on the restoration of a rainforest remnant at Glenella Street, The Gap. The group also has a strong educational component holding regular working bees, producing rainforest relevant literature and managing the BRAIN (Brisbane Rainforest Active and Information Network) website.

For more information, phone Marina Novak on 0431 664 714

Chaprowe Road Bushcare Group

The Chaprowe Road Bushcare Group have been working over 10 years to restore a stretch of Fish Creek downstream from Settlement Road towards The Gap State School. The work is challenging due to the sandy, unstable nature of the creek banks. The group have successfully revegetated large sections of the creek with the aid of planting, weeding and jute matting. For more information phone Glenys Carlson on 07 3300 5460.

Hilder Road State School Bushcare Group

Working collaboratively with the Fish Creek 4061 education program and the Hilder Road State School community, this group’s purpose is to conserve, manage and restore the northern bank of Fish Creek adjacent to the school. Activities focus on weed and pest management, erosion and sediment control, revegetation, and providing safe access for learning. For more information, phone Jo Duncan on 0412 534 805.

Men of the Trees - Parkview Drive Bushcare Group

Men of the Trees actively contribute to the restoration of bushland through their activities at various sites across Brisbane.

To join a working bee, or for more information on the Parkview Drive Bushcare Group, phone Jean Shipway on 07 3312 0335 or send an email.

Men of the Trees - Paten Park Bushcare Group

Men of the Trees actively contribute to the restoration of bushland through their activities at various sites across Brisbane.

To join a working bee, or for more information on the Paten Park Bushcare Group, phone Marion Goward on 07 3366 1448.

Michaela Crescent Bushcare Group

This long-standing group maintains the section of Fish Creek downstream of Hilder Road State School, adjacent to Michaela Crescent. For more information, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak with the Western Habitat Brisbane Officer.

Nicholas Park Bushcare Group

The former Gap Central Bushcare Group spent a decade planting and weeding the Enoggerra Creek corridor downstream of Illowra Street to Nicholas Park. A beautiful canopy has been established. The new Nicholas Park Bushcare Group will treat weed vines and groom a strong sustainable understorey with native grasses and shrubs. The group will also assist with the removal of Cat's Claw behind the Payne Road School and replanting where necessary. For more information phone Janet Mangan 0499 814 030.

Walton Bridge Reserve Bushcare Group

Where Fish Creek meets Enoggera Creek, Walton Bridge Reserve is an urban rainforest in the heart of The Gap. The active group meets every Saturday afternoon. Since 2010, the group has been working on restoring the Fish Creek corridor between Lochinvar Lane and Glenella Street. The site features important remnant vegetation. For more information phone Anne Jones on 07 3312 2242.

Watercress Farm Bushcare Group

Situated off Payne Road at The Gap, this group has been involved in the restoration of a section of Enoggera Creek.

For more information, phone Bob Granger on 0413 310 867.

Wittonga Park Bushcare Group

The Wittonga Park Bushcare Group is restoring the headwaters of Fish Creek within Wittonga Park, The Gap. For many years the group has planted the draining channels to provide vital shade to the creek, removed weeds, and improved biodiversity for local wildlife. In 2019, Save Our Waterways Now celebrated its 25th anniversary by planting 1700 native plants to widen the riparian corridor. 

For more information, phone Natalie Costanzo on 0432 944 688.

Yarrabee Road Bushcare Group

The Yarrabee Bushcare Group formed in 2010 by a concerned group of local land for wildlife residents. They joined the Habitat Brisbane Program in 2011 and have been working to remove the grassy and woody weeds and undertake fire suppression activities along the edge of the Enoggera Military Camp at The Gap. For more information email Jude Muduioa on muduioas@gmail.com.

Yoorala Street East Bushcare Group

The Yoorala Street East Bushcare Group is working to restore the section of Enoggera Creek upstream of the Yoorala Street Community Garden. 

For more information, phone Petra Skoien on 0439 741 106.

Toowong/The Gap


Toowong Creek Roving Rehabilitators

Toowong Creek Roving Rehabilitators have been part of the Habitat Brisbane program since 2011. The group meets monthly to restore bushland areas in the upper reaches of Toowong Creek Catchment, mainly along the creek verges. The group is keen to raise participation and awareness within the catchment. Several National Tree Day plantings have been carried out since 2011 in park adjacent to Kent Street, Toowong. For more information, phone Maggie Deeth on 0429 708 259.

Upper Brookfield

Ted's Place Bushcare Group

This group works in the upper reaches of the Moggill Creek Catchment. They are transforming weeded creek edges to wonderful riparian strips along Upper Brookfield. For more information phone Habitat Brisbane Officer West on 3403 8888.

Upper Brookfield Bush Regeneration Group

Situated towards the end of Upper Brookfield Road, the group has been working on a formerly weed-infested riparian strip. The group has now returned areas of the site to its former native habitat. For more information phone Kate McVicar on 07 3374 1471.


Westlake-Riverhills Bushcare Group

This bushcare group was originally established in 1993 and initiated the bushland rehabilitation work in the riverfront bushland of Westlake and Riverhills. The bushcare group now works along the Coucal Trail, in Barcoorah Street Park, and aims to restore the area by removing invasive weed species and replanting with local native species. This is an important area for habitat and a popular walking spot with locals. For more information, email Ed Parker.

Last updated:25 September 2020