Building a fox proof poultry pen

In areas where invasive species are abundant, the best way to protect poultry is to contain them in a secure area. Exclusion fencing or a fox-proof poultry pen is considered the most humane technique to control foxes. Ensure you secure your poultry during the night when foxes are most active.

Fox-proof pen features

A fox-proof poultry pen must have the following design features:

  • fully-enclosed chicken house with a fox-proof door, roof and floor netting roof
  • no gaps, especially around the base, door and roof (foxes are very adept in scaling fences even when electrified)
  • a curved overhang, which prevents foxes from jumping or climbing over the fence
  • use 10 millimetre budgie or mouse wire and bury the wire netting at least 450 millimetres below the ground as foxes are also excellent diggers
  • an apron of netting angled outwards for 500 millimetres at the base of the fence will deter foxes from digging under the fence
  • a 600 millimetre strip of tin sheeting or opaque shade cloth placed around the bottom of the wire fencing will prevent wild dogs or foxes from seeing the poultry.

Fox-proof poultry fence and pen

You can download the following document for recommended measurements and dimensions for building a fox-proof poultry fence:

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