Brisbane City Council manages more than 2,500 known freshwater mosquito breeding sites on public land to reduce mosquito numbers. Council’s mosquito management staff inspect and treat these sites regularly using quad bikes, utility trucks and on foot. 

The large saltmarsh mosquito breeding habitats in coastal areas are sprayed by helicopter with ground support by quad bike teams. In a typical season Council will treat approximately 20,000 hectares of coastal saltmarsh by helicopter.


Council treats the saltmarsh mosquito larvae in their breeding pools before they emerge with either Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) or methoprene based products that target the larvae and are safe for other insects, the environment and humans. Bti only effects larvae for the few days before they pupate while methoprene only disrupts the pupation process. This means that there are usually only a few days available after a hatch event to successfully control the larvae with these products.

Ways Council treats for mosquitoes

Council’s control activities are scientifically managed, targeting specific areas where and when breeding is known to occur. Our program follows industry best practice and uses products designed to kill mosquito larvae without harming other aquatic life.

Last updated:20 May 2019