Foreshore dog off-leash areas in Brisbane

Brisbane's foreshore (the area between the high and low tide mark) is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park and provides important habitat for shorebirds. It is also a popular recreation space enjoyed by the community. Brisbane City Council's 12-month trial of dog off-leash areas on Brisbane's foreshore is now finished.

The trial areas at Sandgate and Manly will now continue as foreshore dog off-leash areas. The decision is based on community consultation and environmental studies. Nudgee Beach has returned to an on-leash area. Studies showed that levels of disturbance to shorebirds were much higher at Nudgee Beach compared to the other two locations, with large numbers of dogs being walked off-leash in the adjoining foreshore Moreton Bay Marine National Park.

Foreshore dog off-leash areas

Council is creating more to see and do in a clean and green Brisbane by making our city liveable and sustainable for future generations. The following foreshore dog off-leash areas will continue:

  • Manly - the beach area at the end of Davenport Drive, between the southern rock wall and the northern rock wall
  • Sandgate - between the stairs to the foreshore located near the corner of Flinders Parade and Second Avenue and the corner of Park Parade and Zeehan Street at Shorncliffe.

The foreshore dog off-leash area at Nudgee Beach is now a dog on-leash area. Alternative dog off-leash areas can be found nearby at:

Dogs must be on a leash outside these off-leash areas. There is onsite signage at the entrance points to foreshore off-leash areas. Make sure you check signage and site maps.

Download maps of the foreshore dog off-leash areas in your preferred format:


The project delivers Brisbane's first designated dog off-leash areas on the foreshore, creating an opportunity to:

  • protect environmental values, including migratory shorebirds and their habitat
  • engage the community about the importance of conserving migratory shorebirds and their habitat
  • provide opportunities for the community to walk their dogs off-leash in established areas on the foreshore
  • ensure dogs are on-leash outside of designated off-leash areas
  • engage the community about the location of dog on-leash and off-leash areas and the importance of good dog behaviour
  • maintain recreational opportunities.

Good dog behaviour in off-leash areas

Being able to control your dog in off-leash areas is essential for the safety and enjoyment of all users of these shared spaces. This includes people, other dogs, and wildlife.

Watch this short video to learn tips for preparing and controlling your dog in foreshore dog off-leash areas.

Dog off-leash compliance

Dogs must be on a leash outside these off-leash areas. There is onsite signage at the entrance points to foreshore off-leash areas. Make sure you check signage and site maps.

Council will continue to patrol these areas to provide further information to the public. This will ensure that these areas are safe and accessible for all users of the foreshore area.

Dog off-leash areas in Brisbane

Across the city there are over 160 dog off-leash areas, providing many health benefits for both dogs and their owners.

For more information about dog off-leash areas in Brisbane, visit Council’s dog off-leash areas page and search for a park near you. 

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Last updated: 13 July 2022

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