Foreshore Dog Off-Leash Areas in Brisbane

Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government’s Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service are working together to investigate options to establish and manage foreshore dog off-leash areas. 

Brisbane’s foreshore, between the high and low tide mark, is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park, which provides important habitat for shorebirds and is a popular recreational space enjoyed by the community.

Foreshore Dog Off-Leash areas

Currently there are no designated foreshore dog off-leash areas, however, many people walk dogs off-leash at peak times on the Brisbane foreshore. To support the shorebirds, dogs must be on leash along most of the popular Brisbane foreshore areas, as dogs off-leash can disturb the birds who need time to rest and feed.

Council is investigating designated dog off-leash areas within the Brisbane foreshore to improve environmental outcomes and shorebird protection, as well as create recreational opportunities for dog-owners along popular foreshore areas. 

Suburbs adjoining the foreshore that may be included as potential sites for foreshore dog off-leash areas include:

  • Brighton
  • Sandgate
  • Shorncliffe
  • Nudgee Beach
  • Wynnum
  • Manly 
  • Lota. 

More information about potential future foreshore dog off-leash areas will be provided to the community as it becomes available. 


Designated dog-off leash areas along the foreshore may improve shorebird conservation by encouraging people to only walk dogs off-leash in designated areas and remain on-leash outside these areas, in turn reducing shorebird disturbance along large extents of the foreshore.

Providing designated dog off-leash areas along the Brisbane foreshore provides an opportunity to:

  • protect environmental values, including migratory shorebirds and their habitat 
  • engage the community about the importance of conserving migratory shorebirds and their habitat
  • provide opportunities for the community to walk their dogs off-leash on the foreshore in designated areas 
  • ensure dogs are on-leash outside of designated off-leash areas
  • engage the community about where designated dog on-leash and off-leash areas are located and the importance of good dog behaviour 
  • maintain recreational opportunities.

Shorebirds in Brisbane

Shorebirds, also known as waders, feed according to the tide, using their long beaks to dig worms, insects and crustaceans. 

The Moreton Bay Marine Park provides important feeding and resting grounds for 43 species of shorebirds, including 32 species of international migratory shorebirds.

Each year, between September to April, up to 40,000 migratory shorebirds visit Moreton Bay, making the incredible journey along the East Asian-Australasian flyway from countries such as Siberia, Korea, China and Japan. While in Moreton Bay, it is important for migratory shorebirds to rest and feed in preparation for their long return journey. 

To find out more about shorebirds in Brisbane and the foreshore, visit Council’s Shorebirds of Brisbane or Boondall Wetlands pages.

Dog Off-Leash Areas in Brisbane

Across the city there are over 135 dog off-leash areas, providing many health benefits for both dogs and their owners.

For more information about dog off-leash areas in Brisbane, visit Council’s dog off-leash areas page and search for a park near you. 

More information

For more information, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Last updated:10 May 2019