Learn more about Brisbane's beautiful creeks and waterways. Find out how you can play your part by helping to protect our waterways or discover the many things to see and do on our creeks and rivers.  


Know your creek and catchment

Brisbane is built around its waterways and we all live in a catchment. Know your creek fact sheets provide information about the flora, fauna and natural assets of Brisbane's catchments.

Creek Catchments program

 Council's Creek Catchments program works with community catchment groups across Brisbane to help protect and restore catchments. 

Warril Parkland

Stage one of Warril Parkland (nature-based adventure parkland) at 1059 Paradise Road, Larapinta is now open. The park was delivered as part of the Oxley Creek Transformation project.

Hanlon Park project

Council is pleased to advise construction works for the Hanlon Park rejuvenation project commenced in late July 2020.

Find what you need

Creek Catchments Program

Council officers work with community groups across Brisbane to protect and restore catchments and waterways.

Bushland reserves

Council has created track maps to download with details of popular walking tracks, special features, things to do and safety tips.

Habitat Brisbane

This program helps community groups restore natural habitats in parks, bushland, wetlands and along waterways.

Stormwater harvesting

Stormwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater that flows from a variety of surfaces such as car parks, roads, gardens and footpaths. Find out more.

Join a catchment group

Find links to creek catchment groups, including community contacts and details on how you can contact and join your local group.

Environment centres

Council's three environment centres offer information, environmental programs and events and walking tracks.

Creek Catchment Officers

Creek Catchment Officers help the community protect and restore Brisbane's waterways and bays in partnership with the 11 catchment groups city wide.

Community nurseries

Some Brisbane catchment groups run community native plant nurseries. Find out more about your local plants and meet like-minded local residents.

Protect our waterways

Find information about how Council and the community can partner in protecting Brisbane's waterways.

Last updated: 15 February 2021