Types of street trees

Brisbane City Council has a range of street tree species suitable for planting across the city. These tree species are known to be:

  • good performers in the street environment
  • low maintenance
  • climate-resilient.

Council has identified six different landscape character precincts as the basis for appropriate tree species selection. These precincts are based on elevation and geography across the city. Brisbane's landscape precinct types include:

  • coastal - located on the coast to Moreton Bay
  • wetlands - areas of permanently or seasonally flooded land at Boondall Wetlands
  • riparian - creekside land along citywide waterways
  • undulating plains - suburban areas comprising plains and rolling hills
  • higher land - prominent hills in elevated areas
  • arterial roads - major roads with high levels of traffic.

Street tree species

This table includes Council's list of approved street tree species and includes common name, botanical name and landscape character precincts.
Common nameBotanical nameLandscape character precinct/s
Australian TulipwoodHarpullia pendulaCoastal, riparian, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Bennett's ashFlindersia bennettiiRiparian, arterial roads
Blueberry ashElaeocarpus reticulatusRiparian, undulating plains
Blunt-leaved tulipHarpullia hilliiUndulating plains, arterial roads
Broad-leaved lilly pillyAcmena hemilampraCoastal, riparian, arterial roads
Broad-leaved paperbarkMelaleuca quinquenerviaCoastal, wetlands, riparian, undulating plains, arterial roads
Brown gardeniaAtractocarpus fitzalaniiRiparian
Brown pinePodocarpus elatusCoastal, riparian, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Brush boxLophostemon confertusCoastal, riparian, undulating plains, higher land, arterial road verges
Bumpy ashFlindersia schottianaCoastal, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
CamphorwoodCinnamomum oliveriRiparian, undulating plains, higher land
Coast banksiaBanksia integrifoliaCoastal, arterial roads
Crown of gold treeBarklya syringifoliaArterial roads
Crow's ashFlindersia australisUndulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Eumundi quandongElaeocarpus eumundiRiparian, arterial roads
Fine-leaved tuckerooLepiderema pulchellaRiparian
Flame treeBrachychiton acerifoliusHigher land, arterial roads
Fraser Island appleAcronychia imperforataCoastal, riparian, undulating plains
Golden showerCassia sp 'Paluma Range'Arterial roads
Hairy alectryonAlectryon connatusCoastal
Hard quandongElaeocarpus obovatusCoastal, wetlands, riparian
Hill's figFicus hilliiArterial roads
Hoop pineAraucaria cunninghamiiCoastal, riparian, higher land, arterial roads
Ivory curlBuckinghamia celsissimaUndulating plains, higher land
Jacaranda*Jacaranda mimosifoliaCoastal, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Lacebark treeBrachychiton discolorArterial roads
Lancewood Dissiliaria baloghioidesRiparian, undulating plains, higher land
Leichhardt beanCassia brewsteriHigher land
Lemon-scented myrtleBackhousia citriodoraCoastal, riparian, undulating plains
Leopard ashFlindersia collinaRiparian, higher land, arterial roads
MalletwoodRhodamnia argenteaRiparian, higher land
Moreton Bay figFicus macrophyllaArterial roads
Native frangipaniHymenospermum flavumArterial roads
Orange boxwoodDenhamia celastroidesRiparian, undulating plains, higher land
Pale pink trumpet treeTabebuia pallidaUndulating plains, higher land
Pink flowering bottlebrushCallistemon eurekaWetlands, riparian, undulating plains, higher land
Pink lace flowerArchidendron grandiflorumArtieral roads
Pink trumpet treeHandroanthus impetiginosusUndulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
PoincianaDelonix regiaCoastal, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Port Jackson figFicus rubiginosaArterial roads
Queensland kauri pineAgathis robustaHigher land, arterial roads
Queensland tree waratahAlloxylon flammeumRiparian, arterial roads
Red flowering tea treeMelaleuca viridiflora (Red) Coastal, wetlands, riparian, arterial roads
Rose satinashSyzygium francisiiWetlands, riparian
Silky oakGrevillea robustaHigher land, arterial roads
Silver trumpet treeTabebuia argenteaArterial roads
Small-leaved figFicus obliquaArterial roads
Small-leaved lilly pilly Syzygium luehmanniiRiparian, undulating plains
Small leaved tuckerooCupaniopsis parvifoliaCoastal, riparian, undulating plains, higher land
Swamp boxLophostemon suaveolensCoastal, wetlands, riparian
Tamarind treeTamarindus indicaHigher land, arterial roads
Tree wisteriaBolusanthus speciosusHigher land, arterial roads
Tuckeroo treeCupaniopsis anacardioidesCoastal, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Velvet bean treeCassia tomentellaHigher land
Water gumTristaniopsis 'Luscious'Riparian
Weeping figFicus benjaminaArterial roads
Weeping satinashWaterhousea floribundaRiparian
White tamarindElattostachys xylocarpaCoastal, riparian, undulating plains, higher land
White bauhiniaLysiphyllum hookeriCoastal, undulating plains
Willow bottlebrushMelaleuca salicinaCoastal, wetlands, riparian
Yellow boxwoodPlanchonella pohlmanianaHigher land
Yellow poincianaDelonix regia var FlavidaCoastal, undulating plains, higher land, arterial roads
Yellow tulipwoodDrypetes deplancheiRiparian, undulating plains, higher land

* Note - Council does not plant jacaranda trees within one kilometre of natural areas and environmentally sensitive areas.

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