Greywater is wastewater from the bath, shower, basin, laundry tub and washing machine. Greywater can be used on lawns, gardens and for other purposes around the home. For health and environmental reasons, it is illegal to use wastewater from toilets, bidets and kitchens as greywater.

Greywater normally enters the sewage system and is carried to your local wastewater treatment plant. However, appropriate reuse of greywater can help reduce your water bills.

Greywater application process

There are several factors that may affect your ability to use greywater safely on your property. You will also need Brisbane City Council approval to install a permanent greywater diversion device or treatment plant. A licensed plumber is required to install these devices.

Greywater audit program

Council requirements for using greywater, installation of permanent diversion systems and greywater treatment systems and penalties for unregulated systems and misuse.

Greywater uses

There are many ways to use your greywater around your home. Find out how.

Volume estimate

Find out how to estimate your household's weekly volume of greywater.

More information

If you would like to install a greywater system, visit the Building Codes Queensland website.


Last updated:26 September 2019