Choosing a rainwater tank

There are many things to consider before you purchase your rainwater tank, including size, placement location and installation costs.


When you are searching to buy a new rainwater tank:

  • consider your budget, proposed use, space available and the look you want
  • check the tank is manufactured to appropriate Australian standards
  • check compatibility of materials in your system, to avoid problems of faster corrosion of metal tanks, gutters and accessories
  • check the warranty conditions of the rainwater tank
  • get advice on the best design and location for your tank
  • investigate approvals and standards required
  • consider the backup supply options for your internal connections.


Coloured tanks or specialty shapes are more expensive than a traditional round tanks in plain raw material. Tank prices start from approximately $500. For a list of suppliers of tanks and equipment visit Yellow Pages.

Tanks generally come with an overflow outlet, strainer and tap fitting. Other accessories may need to be purchased separately.


When choosing a location for your tank:

  • think of the areas in your house and garden where most of the water will be used
  • if the rainwater tank does not fit in your preferred location, consider placing elsewhere or select a different shape or size
  • review existing downpipes location
  • consider your neighbours, ensuring your tank does not block their natural light, ventilation or outlook or detract from the streetscape
  • if you want to install a pump, make sure it is located in a place that will have low noise for your family or neighbours
  • consider access to the tank and your home for maintenance purposes
  • building regulations may also limit where you can locate a rainwater tank on your property in relation to the front, side and rear boundaries
  • reduced rear and side boundary clearances will apply for narrow blocks and height restrictions for corner blocks
  • be aware of the stress placed on retaining walls, caused by locating a rainwater tank above or near any retaining walls, both on your property and your neighbour’s property.
Last updated: 2 May 2019