Love Food Hate Waste

Brisbane City Council's Love Food Hate Waste program aims to reduce the volume of food waste going to Brisbane landfill each year.

Learn about food waste in Brisbane and simple changes you can make to save money and create a cleaner, greener city with less landfill.

Every action adds up

Love Food Hate Waste

Change the world one meal at a time. Get on board with the Love Food Hate Waste movement and keep food out of the bin.

Food waste facts

More than 26% of the average Brisbane rubbish bin is food waste. Check out our other food waste facts and why we waste food.

Smart food storage

Check out our smart storage tips to prevent food waste, including how to store ingredients found in most Brisbane households.

Start saving now

Reducing food waste is an easy way to save money. See how you can save up to $3800 a year!

Make the change

$1 here, $5 there. It all adds up. Making your change work harder for you starts in the kitchen.

Recycling food scraps

Some food waste is unavoidable. Learn about organic recycling methods and Council's Community Composting Hubs. 

Citrus cleaner

Don't throw away your citrus scraps! Next time you think about throwing your orange peel in the bin, consider turning them into a multipurpose household cleaner.

Join the challenge

Stop giving food the flick and join Laura Geitz on the Six-week Food Waste Challenge. You could save your family time and money!

Love your leftovers

Hear from Those Two Girls as they juggle the dilemma of their leftovers in the kitchen.

Video transcript

So many leftovers I am overwhelmed. This is sweet potato maybe I can put it in a cake batter. Broccolini and salsa in an omelette. I can freeze those for a smoothie.

Yeah but you can do all that and get creative by all means or, just eat it.

You can also view this video on Council's YouTube channel.

Grocery baggage

Did you know 1 in every 5 bags of food gets thrown in the bin. Hear from Those Two Girls.

Video transcript

What are you doing? 1 in every 5 bags of food gets thrown in the bin.

I'm not leaving that there.

Yeah did you meal plan?


Did you write a shopping list?


Then let's go.

Can't do it, it's got the Kombucha in it and I'll do better next week.

You can also view this video on Council's YouTube channel.

Last updated:29 October 2019