Love Food Hate Waste

Brisbane City Council's Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to raise awareness about reducing the volume of food waste going to Brisbane landfill each year.

Learn about food waste in Brisbane and simple changes to make Brisbane a cleaner, greener city with less landfill.

Every action adds up

Love Food Hate Waste

Change the world one meal at a time. Get on board with the Love Food Hate Waste international movement and keep food out of the bin.

Recycling food scraps

Some food waste is unavoidable. Learn about organic recycling methods and Council's Community Composting Hubs. 

Smart food storage

Check out our smart storage tips to prevent food waste, including how to store ingredients found in most Brisbane households.

Food waste facts

More than 26% of the average Brisbane rubbish bin is food waste. Check out our other food waste facts and why we waste food.

Turn your scraps into food

Regrow a host of food scraps into delicious fresh produce to help keep your kitchen, and Brisbane, clean and green.

Join the Six-week challenge

Stop giving food the flick and join Laura Geitz on the Six-week Food Waste Challenge. You could save your family time and money!

Composting workshop

Sunday 17 November
Learn how to reduce food waste at home, create delicious meals, and how to set up your own organic recycling at home. Bookings required.

bowl of curry

Food recipe

The versatility of the humble curry makes it an easy go to if you’re seeking a delicious ‘use-it-up’ dish to reclaim fridge space and avoid letting good food go to waste.

Love your leftovers

You can also view this video on Council's YouTube channel.

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Last updated:15 October 2019