Sustainable Nappy Cashback - terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for the Sustainable Nappy Cashback trial competition.

1. The promoter of the Competition is Brisbane City Council ABN 72 002 765 795 (Council) acting through Waste and Resource Recovery Services branch whose principal offices are at 681 Fairfield Road, Yeerongpilly.
2. Entrants: To be eligible to enter this competition, a person must:
a) provide all information as required in these Terms and Conditions;
b) be a resident of the City of Brisbane and if requested, able to provide evidence of such residency;
c) not be an employee or contracted staff of Council; 
d) be over the age of 18 or have the consent of a parent or guardian to enter the competition; and 
e) within the previous six months, have proof of purchase of items on the below list of Acceptable Products or Services: 
  • modern cloth nappies
  • reusable nappy liners
  • reusable swim nappies
  • terry cloth square nappies
  • reusable wipes
  • wet bags for storing nappies
  • cloth nappy hire service through an Australian Nappy Association accredited business.
3. Items and services specifically excluded from the Acceptable Products list include transport costs, postage costs or single use items.
4. Reusable nappy products purchased online are acceptable, but the cost of postage is not included in any prizes paid.
5. The Entrant must provide a copy of receipt or proof of purchase which includes the date and an itemised list of the goods and/or services.
6. Receipt or proof of purchase must be no older than six months at time of receipt submission. 
7. Entrants can enter again into a subsequent draw, provided the relevant receipt is less than six months old at time of submission. However any receipt for an entry which has previously won may not be submitted again.
8. Both the shipping address and billing address (if stated) on the receipt or proof of purchase must be the Entrant’s address.
9. Purchased items must be clearly identified on the receipt or proof of purchase by stating the Acceptable Product’s name and individual cost.
10. The copy of invoice or proof of purchase must be a whole copy, not a partial copy.
11. The invoice or proof of purchase may be provided as a scanned image or a clear photograph. 
12. Applications are to be submitted online. If an Entrant does not have computer access, entries can be completed in person by visiting a Customer Service Centre or Regional Business Centre. 
13. First prize will be a ‘cashback’ reimbursement of the Entrant’s expenditure on any item/s on the list of Acceptable Products (a prize minimum of $100 and maximum of $300 will be awarded). 
14. Two ‘runner-up’ prizes of $50 will be awarded. 
15. All winners will be drawn by a computer application which will choose all three winners at random.
16. Winners will be notified by the contact details provided (phone and email address).
17. Prizes will be paid within two months of winners’ announcement, via a direct deposit into the winners' nominated bank account. 
18. Council accepts no responsibility whatsoever for late, misplaced, lost or ineligible entries.  
19. Council reserves the right to modify these competition conditions at any time and to cancel or amend the competition at any time without notice or further recourse to the Entrants. 
Last updated: 10 October 2019
Topics: waste