Reducing litter

Brisbane City Council is dedicated to keeping our streets, public spaces and waterways litter-free. Together we've achieved a lot, but there is still more to be done.

Find out how you can contribute to a litter-free city.

'104 or more' litter initiative

Council has a community initiative encouraging everyone to pick up two pieces of litter per week, every week of the year, to keep 104 pieces of litter out of our streets, bushlands and waterways.

Your help in picking up litter, combined with Council's litter bins and street cleansing, will make a big difference to keep Brisbane clean and our city litter-free.

When residents pick up litter, they are a role model for other residents and visitors. We can lead by example and help keep our city clean and green.

As part of the ‘104 or more’ litter initiative, Council can assist organisations, community groups and schools organise litter clean-up in their local area. 

To find out more about this initiative, phone Council during business hours on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to a Litter Prevention Officer, or email our Litter team.

Borrow a litter clean up kit

Council has litter clean up kits that are available to assist residents to pick up litter. From corporate cleans ups to a clean up in a park after a barbecue, the kits are available for residents, schools, sporting clubs, kindergartens, businesses and community groups. The kits include litter pickers, lightweight hand-held bins, and a safety kit. You can borrow them for up to one month. Use our online form to register to borrow a litter clean up kit.

Simple things you can do to help

Keeping Brisbane clean, green and litter-free is something we can all do with simple actions. Here are some ways you can help.

Across Brisbane

  • Set a good example by not littering and picking up litter when you see it. By picking up two pieces of litter every week, you can keep 104 or more pieces of litter out of our streets, bushland and waterways each year.
  • Get involved in cleaning your local area by joining an existing community group or organising your own clean-up. You can contact Council for more advice about holding your own clean-up, or to find out about groups in your area.
  • Carry litter, cigarette butts and chewing gum until you find a bin. There are butt bins attached to most Council litter bins, or you can carry a reusable pocket ashtray.
  • Use street litter and recycling bins for small items only and not for business or household rubbish.
  • Register your business to become a community litter prevention partner and show your commitment to keeping your area litter-free. Email our Litter team to find out more.

In our parks

  • Take your rubbish home with you rather than leaving it in the park. Litter bins are in most parks to help you dispose of small amounts of rubbish only, not rubbish from events. Leaving bags of rubbish next to park bins is still littering.
  • Pick up after your dog and put the waste in a bin. Council offers bags in many dog parks to help you do this. Council requires pet owners to carry their own bags for waste when in public areas.

Around your home

  • When cleaning your footpath, pick up rubbish instead of sweeping or hosing it into the gutters that lead to our stormwater drains.
  • Close wheelie bin lids to avoid waste overflowing and becoming litter. If you need wheelie bin repairs, contact Council.
  • Cover your trailer or ute tray when transporting rubbish or objects that may blow away and become road-side litter.
  • Only place large household items on the kerb for collection during your designated kerbside collection period. Items left on the kerb at other times contribute to untidy streets and is considered to be illegal dumping.
  • Report illegal dumping online or phone Council on 07 3403 8888 anytime.

Litter and the law

As of 1 July 2021, the value of a penalty unit is equal to $137.85. The fine amount must be rounded down to the nearest dollar after the calculation. For example, the fine amount for an infringement of two penalty units is 2 x $137.85 = $275.70. The rounded down amount is $275.

Littering and illegal dumping may attract on-the-spot fines. Ensure you dispose of your rubbish responsibly. To help maintain clean streets, Council officers can issue fines for anyone caught littering.

Received a fine? Find out your payment options and more.  

This table includes fine information including an offence and penalty unit column.
Offence Penalty unit
General littering
Dangerous littering 4
Littering from a vehicle (registered to an individual) 2
Littering from a vehicle (registered to a company/organisation) 10

A recent Council survey showed that about 80% of Brisbane residents believed that people who litter should be fined.

We also know that 94% of residents believe Council is working with the community to reduce litter.

Last updated: 1 July 2021
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