Grow It Local

Growing your own food – whether on a windowsill, in your backyard, or at your local community garden – is a powerful way to reduce food waste. From seeds to pots, you can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables to eat, no matter how much space you have. When we grow our own food, we change our relationship with waste.

Getting started

Brisbane City Council through Grow It Local brings the online, local, 'grow' community to all residents. By signing up for free, you can access many benefits including:

  • watch online workshops
  • access 'ask an expert' sessions hosted by Grow It Local's in-house experts
  • discover recipes using homegrown foods
  • connect with other local growers and producers
  • read blogs
  • learn and share tips and expertise
  • participate in the Spring Grow It Local Festival.

Sign up for your free Grow It Local account.

Grow It Local events

The free Grow It Local online workshops are available all year round, and you can also access past workshops on-demand. 

The Grow It Local Festival is held in spring with feed seed pack giveaways to new Grow It Local members and showcases ideas, technology and community achievements.

Growing local reduces waste

Growing your own food is an easy and effective way to reduce waste.

Growing it local prevents:

  • food waste that occurs at every stage of production – harvesting, storage, transportation, processing and packaging to retail
  • food miles (i.e. reduces the distance your food is transported from farm, to storage, distribution, retail and consumption)
  • packaging waste from single use-packaging, especially soft plastics which are difficult to recycle
  • greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the commercial food production and consumption process
  • natural resources including seeds, agricultural land, water and fertilisers.

Composting benefits plant growth

Composting is great for growing it local. Recycle and reuse your food scraps by composting at home where possible and using your rich compost to grow nutritious food.

Learn how to compost with Grow It Local and watch Costa Georgiadis' workshop on composting.

You can also regrow some of your food scraps! Read our blogs on regrowing sweet potatoes and spring onions.

Reap the benefits of growing your own food by regenerating your soil with compost, recycling and reusing food scraps, avoiding packaging waste, saving money, eating nutritious food that's pesticide free and living more sustainably. 

Find out more about sustainable gardening in Brisbane.

Last updated: 13 April 2022
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