Brisbane City Council's Love Food Hate Waste program aims to reduce the volume of food waste going to Brisbane landfill each year.

Learn about food waste in Brisbane and simple changes you can make to save money and create a cleaner, greener city with less waste.

Every action adds up

Do more with bread, bananas and broccoli

Bread, bananas and broccoli are the most commonly wasted foods in Brisbane. Get tips on using these common food items, instead of throwing them away.

Smart food storage

Check out our smart storage tips to prevent food waste, including how to store ingredients found in most Brisbane households.

Four ways banana peels can help your plants

Prepare to level up your waste warrior and plant-parent status with these simple ideas that will save you money and reduce waste to landfill.

Don't waste your dough 

Go against the grain and start saving money and waste from landfill with our four bread-saving tips.

Compost and organic waste recycling

Start recycling your organic waste and be rewarded with valuable compost and mulch for your garden, while living more sustainably.

Planning meals

Planning your meals and preparing a shopping list can help you save time and money and help to prevent food waste.

Food waste facts

More than 24% of the average Brisbane rubbish bin is food waste. Check out our other food waste facts and why we waste food.


Council is partnering with OzHarvest to host FEAST this school holidays. FEAST aims to inspire kids to eat healthily, waste less and become change-makers in their local community. 

OzHarvest sponsorship

Council is a proud sponsor of OzHarvest – an organisation that rescues surplus food from commercial businesses and delivers it to charities around Brisbane that help feed people in need. Council has partnered with OzHarvest since 2019 to help fund three food rescue vans (called Sunny, Ozzie and Tuckerbox) that transport excess food that would have otherwise been wasted in landfill.

Last updated: 29 June 2021