Waste utility charges

Brisbane City Council provides a wide range of waste management activities, including general waste service provision (collection and disposal), street sweeping, litter collection, cleansing parks and footpaths, education programs and the provision of waste management facilities.

In order for Council to provide these services, it raises revenue through waste levies on properties and in other ways, including fees at Council's resource recovery centres.

From July 2017, Council will be modifying the name of the Waste Management Service Charge that is applied to all improved premises on rates accounts. The new name for this charge will be a 'Waste Utility Charge'.

Council has made this change to better describe the range of waste management activities Council provides and to move away from the perception that the charge only refers to waste collection at a home or business.

Council has taken the opportunity to consolidate and streamline how some of the charges are differentiated. There are no changes to how the charges are applied.

For further information on Waste Utility Charges, refer to Section 9 (Waste Utility Charges) of Council's Annual Plan and Budget 2018-19.

Customers will see the new charge name on their accounts from July 2017.

In addition to the resolution, there is a more detailed document, Waste Management Technical Notes (Word - 113kb), that explains how Council calculates, applies, alters and/or withdraws Waste Utility Charges from premises.

Last updated:20 May 2019
Topics: waste