Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium

Car park
Public toilets
Wheelchair accessible

Brisbane City Council's Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium is set amongst eucalypt trees and wattles. It is located in Brisbane's bayside, next to the Fleming Road Reserve. This site is rich in social history and many of our pioneers rest there.

Visiting hours

Monday to Sunday: 6am to 6pm (gates are unlocked and locked each day)

Available services

  • Car park
  • Cremations
  • Grave site burials
  • Memorial chapel
  • Memorial garden
  • Memorial wall
  • Public toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible

Office hours

  • Monday: 8am-4pm
  • Tuesday: 8am-4pm
  • Wednesday: 8am-4pm
  • Thursday: 8am-4pm
  • Friday: 8am-4pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Site information

Burial options

Hemmant Cemetery offers lawn beam burials featuring bronze, glass or steel plaques set on a concrete or granite base.

When considering burial options at Hemmant Cemetery, note:

  • plaque options are available in our cemetery options (one plaque per grave only)
  • each gravesite can accommodate two to three burials (ashes can also be interred in the grave)
  • burial sites can be pre-purchased at today's prices or purchased as required
  • funeral services are available at the grave, in the cemetery memorial chapel or at a private church or facility
  • a small monument area located behind the office is now full.

You will need an appointment to view available burial options at Hemmant Cemetery. To request an appointment, contact the office by email.


The funeral director will deliver the coffin to the crematorium for funeral services held at a private church or facility. Most cremations take place right after the service (when available). Ashes are ready for collection or placement in a memorial site, within two to three days.

Chapel services

Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium has a memorial chapel, suitable for all types of funeral services.

Catering and reception facilities

The Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium offers post-funeral catering and reception facilities

Memorial gardens and walls for ashes

Various garden settings and memorial wall options are available at Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium including:

  • native gardens
  • touchstones
  • sandstone rock memorials
  • niche and portrait gallery wall sites.

Alternatively, ashes can be interred into gravesites.

You need to make an appointment to view available memorial options at Hemmant Cemetery. To request an appointment, contact the office by email.

Garden of Peace

The grounds contain an area dedicated to infants and babies. This area features a small outdoor shelter for use as a chapel or for funeral services.

Locating graves and ashes memorial sites

Lawn graves and ashes memorial sites are relatively easy to locate at Hemmant Cemetery. The allotment number is marked on the bottom right hand side of most plaques and numbers run in sequential order.

As the monument area is quite old, not all monuments are numbered. Numbering was introduced in the late 1900s. Council recommends you visit the cemetery during office hours for assistance and directions. Alternatively, contact the office by email to request a map. State the grave location detail, including the name of the deceased.

Not all graves have plaques or headstones. Keep this in mind when trying to locate a specific grave by number.

Cemetery map

A cemetery area map may help locate a site. It shows the portions, roads and buildings in the cemetery grounds. 

Download the map in your preferred format:

Funeral and memorial service calendar

For funeral and memorial services scheduled at Council cemeteries and crematoria, view the funeral and memorial service calendar.


More information

Brisbane City Council acknowledges this Country and its Traditional Custodians. We pay our respects to the Elders, those who have passed into the dreaming; those here today; those of tomorrow.