Pinnaroo Cemetery and Crematorium

Brisbane City Council's Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery was established in 1962 at Bridgeman Downs on Brisbane's northside. Pinnaroo neighbours a scenic watercourse and its natural bushland houses many native animals. The grounds are popular for walking, jogging and bird watching. 

For funeral and memorial services scheduled at Council cemeteries and crematoria, view the funeral and memorial service calendar.

Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery location and opening hours.
Location Graham Road, Bridgeman Downs
Postal address 285 Graham Road, Bridgeman Downs Qld 4035
Office opening hours Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: closed
Visiting hours Monday to Sunday: 6am to 6pm (gates are unlocked and locked each day)
Contact Contact Pinnaroo Cemetery and Crematorium by:
  • phoning Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email

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Burial options

Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery offers lawn beam burials featuring bronze, glass or steel plaques set on concrete or granite bases.

At Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery:

  • plaques for lawn beam burials must be ordered through Council
  • monuments are not permitted
  • each grave site can accommodate up to three burials and ashes can also be interred in the grave
  • burial sites can be pre-purchased at today's prices or purchased as required
  • funeral services can be held at the grave, in the cemetery chapel or at a private church or facility.

To view available burial options at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery, an appointment is required. To request an appointment, contact the office via email.


Where the funeral service is held at a private church or facility, the funeral director will personally deliver the coffin directly to the crematorium. Most cremations take place right after the service and the ashes are ready for collection or placement in a memorial site within two to three days.

Chapel services

The cemetery and crematorium has a memorial chapel suitable for all types of funeral services.

Catering and reception facilities

Post-funeral catering and reception services are available. 

Memorial gardens and walls for ashes

Various garden settings and memorial wall options are available at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium including:

  • native gardens
  • granite gardens
  • columns
  • niche wall sites.

Alternatively, ashes can be interred into grave sites.

To view available memorial options at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium, an appointment is required. To request an appointment, contact the office by email.

Returned service areas

The cemetery offers designated areas for returned service personnel and their spouses, including lawn graves and walls for ashes.

Garden of Remembrance

The Queensland Garden of Remembrance is situated within the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and is operated and maintained by the Office of Australian War Graves.

The original garden was opened in the early 1960s and was extended in 1988. It has capacity for 45,500 plaques.

For queries relating to the Garden of Remembrance, contact the Office of Australian War Graves by:

  • phone on 1800 026 185
  • visiting their office on site at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery (located in the middle of the cemetery and separate from the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery office)

Locating graves and ashes memorial sites

Lawn graves and ashes memorial sites are relatively easy to locate at the cemetery and crematorium. Allotment numbers are marked on the bottom right of most plaques and the numbers run in sequential order. Not all graves have plaques or headstones, so this should be kept in mind when locating a specific grave by number.

For further assistance locating graves and memorial sites, visit the cemetery and crematorium during office hours.

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Last updated:20 August 2019