A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - 01 Travel - Future actions

Everyone can access information about travel options and get to the places they need to.

Council will focus on the following three strategies and resulting actions by leveraging the roles of partner, provider, facilitator, regulator, funder and advocate.

Deliver exemplary accessible public transport

  • Provide next-stop information for passengers on board the Brisbane Metro.
  • Partner with the Queensland Government to implement technological solutions to advise passengers when the next bus is approaching and, when on board, to identify upcoming stops.
  • Partner with industry bodies to help develop and improve safety standards when securing wheelchairs, mobility devices and prams, as well as assistance animals when travelling on buses.
  • Partner with stakeholders to review opportunities for better access to public transport.
  • Provide a review of bus operator training to ensure staff continue to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Advocate for enhancements to bus stops including tactile signage at multi-platform bus stations.
  • Advocate for continued transport services, particularly in suburbs with employment opportunities not currently serviced by public transport.

Make the whole journey easier

  • Partner with community organisations and Brisbane Marketing to utilise digital technologies and mobility maps to assist people of all abilities to plan their journey and independently navigate Brisbane streets, public spaces and buildings.
  • Facilitate the development of an online tool that provides information on the availability of community transport and shared vehicles.
  • Provide extended Council Cabs services to key Council facilities.

Make Brisbane one of the world’s greatest walking and wheeling cities

  • Partner with businesses, community organisations and service providers to provide information, education and opportunities for greater use of electric and three-wheel bikes in the CBD and suburbs.
  • Partner with community organisations to provide walking and wheeling tours for people with different sensory needs, so they can build their confidence in experiencing major destinations.
  • Facilitate better access to Brisbane’s popular destinations by offering free hire of prams, wheelchairs and other mobility aids at multiple locations.
  • Provide enhancements to pedestrian crossings to make them more accessible.
  • Facilitate opportunities to improve safety between pedestrians and new modes of travel (including e-scooters) on footpaths.
Last updated:27 March 2020