A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - 01 Travel - Ongoing actions

Council will deliver Brisbane Metro, a key part of Brisbane’s greater transport network, including a fleet of high-capacity, accessible vehicles, more accessible stations and on-board wayfinding.

Council will also continue to deliver the following initiatives.

  • Ensure ferries and buses, as well as ferry terminals and bus stops, meet the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 wherever possible.
  • Provide enhanced recreational access to and along the Brisbane River for everyone to enjoy.
  • Expand the way information is provided at community meetings on how to use public transport.
  • Deliver on-board campaigns to educate patrons about priority seating.
  • Implement services that allow vision-impaired passengers to alert bus drivers to pick them up from determined stops.
  • Explore accessible transport options to new destinations, such as Mt Coot-tha.
  • Maintain the provision of accessible parking spaces around the city and kerb ramps at key loading and set-down zones.
  • Partner with commercial providers to provide pay-by-app technology for on-street and off-street parking payments.
  • Offer discounted residential parking permit fees for eligible pensioners and special visitor parking permits for carers and registered health care professionals.
  • Improve walking and cycling pathways by delivering more walking programs, additional shade and street furniture, braille trails and tactile street signs.
  • Provide accessible pathways to and around public toilets, schools, major shopping centres, public transport stops, community facilities and open spaces.
  • Provide cheaper dog registration fees for people on pensions.
  • Provide drinking bowls for assistance animals in Council parks.
  • Fund the Mobility Centre at Brisbane City Hall.
  • Provide up-to-date information on new and altered pedestrian crossings.
  • Provide free off-peak travel for seniors.
  • Provide continued upgrades of key footpaths, including enhanced seating and shade.
Last updated:27 March 2020