A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - 02 Work

A city where everyone benefits from a strong economy.

Brisbane is a city known for its attractive employment opportunities and lifestyle benefits. In an inclusive city, everyone has the opportunity to be an employee, business owner and customer.

Council will continue to strengthen Brisbane’s reputation as a key tourism destination, by partnering with industry bodies, social enterprises and businesses to promote the city’s accessibility through inclusive local services.

Council is helping to provide local employment for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, by backing small businesses with incentives and supporting emerging businesses with programs such as Digital Brisbane and start-up spaces including The Capital.

Council is working with the community to build our local economy by creating new and innovative jobs while also encouraging business owners to embrace inclusion with employment opportunities and great service for all.

By 2029, people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds will be able to access employment opportunities and actively participate in the economy.

Last updated:27 March 2020