A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - Employer of choice

Council works hard to ensure its workforce represents the diversity of our city and that employees enjoy a safe, equitable and inclusive environment. Recruitment policies, tailored work programs and flexible work practices attract seniors, carers, people with disability, people experiencing mental illness, residents from other cultural backgrounds and employees of diverse gender and sexual orientation. Robust systems, processes and policies help support employee retention, productiveness and development.

Employment plays a critical role in promoting inclusion. Residents experiencing unemployment and underemployment (working less hours than they require to cover the cost of living) report that they don’t feel included in city life. In addition to income, employment provides a sense of purpose, a feeling of being valued and a connection to other people. Residents stated that employer attitudes can be the greatest barrier to securing work, with many stating that once they secure a job, they are likely to stay for years to come.

Council is exploring opportunities to expand successful employment programs to provide previously unemployed residents of all ages, abilities and cultures with experience and skills to secure ongoing employment.

"Employment would provide me connection, purpose and income – it’s as important to me as good health and a stable home."

- Raphael, Carindale
Last updated: 27 March 2020