A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - Buildings and open spaces for everyone

Residents and visitors are benefiting from Council’s recent upgrades to pools, halls, libraries, parks and other public facilities. All-abilities playgrounds, picnic areas, interpretive signage and fishing platforms have maximised enjoyment of Brisbane’s outdoor spaces.

Council will continue to fund ongoing enhancements to all Council pools, libraries and community facilities so they are accessible to a wider range of residents and visitors.

Well-planned and creatively designed streets, parks and public spaces are essential to a city’s liveability. Open spaces are globally recognised as important features of an accessible, age-friendly city. Brisbane’s riverside parks, bushland reserves and suburban playgrounds are places where we relax, celebrate and embrace the natural world.

The built and natural environment greatly contribute to everyone’s wellbeing. Residents value Council’s continued commitment to delivering more:

  • quiet spaces, particularly for people with high sensory needs
  • age-friendly parks
  • bridges and lifts that enable easy access to upper and lower recreation reserves
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural signage that shares Brisbane’s history.

Residents have identified that access to pools, halls, sports facilities, parks and open spaces is essential for independence. Not having access to, or insufficient signage or navigation cues can cause anxiety around whether someone will be able to safely access the spaces they need to.

Installing ramps in place of steps, and designing signage with images and symbols, are initiatives that will increase access to community spaces.

Council regulates new development so buildings are a part of the existing landscape, with useable public space and safe paths of travel linking important places. Council will continue to explore ways to make existing privately owned places and spaces more appealing to everyone.

"I want my son to be able to independently do the things he wants to – having accessible playgrounds, pools and parks help make this a reality."

- Mary, Grange
Last updated: 27 March 2020