A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - Better housing choices

Houses are being designed for versatility, as longer lifespans and a growing population mean that more homes will need to cater for changing needs over the coming decades. Research indicates that there is a 60% possibility of a house being occupied by an individual with disability¹. Simple features such as a step-free entrance and wide hallways make a home easier to access, navigate and live in. This benefits people with disabilities and physical impairments, as well as young families and older residents.

Research shows that most people want to stay in their community as they age, close to family, friends and familiar surroundings. Brisbane will need 188,200 more homes by 2041 than it had in 2016².

A substantial number of older Brisbane residents are ‘ageing in place’ but enhancing housing options will support even more residents to remain connected to employment opportunities and help to maintain relationships with family and friends³ in accessible and affordable locations.

Council will continue to support home ownership while helping to keep housing affordable by promoting a range of housing choices and delivering rates discounts for owner-occupiers and pensioners. Council has made it easier to buy a first home by providing a one-year 50% rates discount for first home owners who purchase a home with a value less than $750,000 as part of the First Home Owner Rates Remission scheme. For more information, including eligibility, visit Council’s website.

Brisbane City Plan 2014, Council’s plan for the future development of Brisbane, encourages versatile housing that is cost-effective and can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of occupants. In the future, more developments will need to cater for people requiring greater accessibility from the outset. Council will continue to support further accessible dwellings close to employment hubs around major transport routes.

Residents have suggested that education, guidelines and incentives are important to encourage more affordable and accessible housing. Following community feedback on the Draft Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029, Council introduced incentives for new dwellings built to Livable Housing Australia Standards. Council will advocate to the Queensland Government for continued investment in affordable and accessible housing, while continuing to support community housing providers to improve outcomes for residents experiencing disadvantage.

"Suitable housing is more than just a place for me to cook and sleep – it’s a place for me to invite friends and families, knowing that everyone can access everything in my home."

- Alex, Sandgate


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Last updated:27 March 2020