A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - 03 Live - Ongoing actions

Council will continue to deliver the following initiatives.

  • Provide reviews of Brisbane City Plan 2014 codes to encourage housing diversity and advocate to other levels of government for more proactive policies around land use planning instruments, including specific provisions for accessible housing, adaptable housing and mixes of housing types.
  • Encourage the activation of new spaces such as laneways or public areas next to developments to connect ages and cultures in safe and accessible ways.
  • Support community organisations to enhance their services and facilities to be more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, as well as facilitating the inclusion of features (such as lifts) within new developments that improve access to public attractions and open spaces.
  • Provide ongoing improvements to pools, community halls, libraries, creative and cultural facilities, sports fields, cemeteries, community gardens and open spaces, and provide training to operators of community facilities enabling them to serve customers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
  • Provide accessible public toilets, barbecues, picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing platforms and interpretative signage for environmental education in natural parks.
  • Partner with lessees and service providers at Riverstage, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and community pools to honour the Queensland Companion Card to provide free entry to authorised carers of people with high-support needs.
  • Regulate new development, providing public space and streetscape guidelines, supporting accessible entrances to shopfronts as part of urban renewal projects and providing calm, quiet spaces in urban renewal projects for people with sensory sensitivities.
  • Provide support for the development of aged-care facilities.
  • Regulate pool fence exemptions for people with disability requiring access.
Last updated:27 March 2020