A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - Inclusive governance

Council’s community engagement programs will continue to expand and give everyone the chance to contribute to their community and have their say on issues that matter to them. Regular consultation with a broad cross-section of residents with diverse lived experiences will ensure Council benefits from different opinions.

Good information enables sound decision-making and Council is leading the way in its provision of well-crafted, accessible materials. Many documents are published in hard copy and online versions can be found in accessible formats. All materials are routinely considered for translation and more will be made available in braille, audio, large-print and different languages in the future.

Technology is opening doors to easier interactions with Council. For example, residents text ideas or pictures showing problems that need fixing.

Travellers already know the power of text-to-speech and voice translation mobile applications. Council is exploring how these tools can help individuals from a non-English speaking background, or who have limited speech, to be heard at consultation events or when contacting Council.

Council’s corporate website meets best-practice accessibility standards and is highly functional from mobile devices. Council’s website has a new translation feature offering content translation in more than 100 languages.

Anyone can address the Lord Mayor and councillors at Brisbane City Hall on matters of public interest. Council is working to implement an Auslan video to support individuals with hearing impairments to take advantage of this opportunity.

Council will continue to educate its employees to encourage respect and make everyone feel supported to participate in programs and events. Understanding the diversity of mental health experiences, cognitive conditions, physical abilities, gender orientations and language proficiency of individuals will help strengthen everyone’s wellbeing.

"Being able to provide input into how our city develops is really important to me and the people I support."

- Mishka, Salisbury
Last updated:27 March 2020