A City for Everyone: Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029 - Introduction

Brisbane is a city for everyone.

Brisbane is a diverse and inclusive city, offering many things to see and do for all residents, regardless of age, ability or background.

Brisbane City Council has a proud history of working together with the community through events, activities and services that build a sense of belonging, safety, compassion and resilience. Together we will continue to support young people, recognise everyone’s different abilities, welcome multicultural diversity, respect different genders, celebrate our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and value our older residents.

Council’s vision is for Brisbane to be a city of liveable communities and vibrant suburbs, with world-class public transport and a strong economy that provides more jobs and supports local businesses. We are continuing to create more to see and do, which means everyone has more opportunities to connect with the people and places that make our city great.

Regardless of ability, age or background, Brisbane will be a city where everyone feels they belong.

Last updated: 27 March 2020