International education and training

Brisbane's international education, research and training sectors make a significant economic and cultural contribution to our community.

In 2012, international students generated $3.7 billion for the city’s economy and supported around 20,000 local jobs. The $3.7 billion represents $1.4 billion in annual course fee revenue and $2.3 billion in annual downstream spending including visiting friends and relatives, and family housing investments.

In 2013, there were about 75,000 international student enrolments in Brisbane, with students benefiting from the high standard of education offered by the city’s universities, state and private high schools, private colleges, TAFEs and English language schools.

Study Brisbane

Study Brisbane is a Brisbane Marketing initiative, in partnership with government and industry. The Study Brisbane program was established to economically, socially and culturally benefit Brisbane's international education sector.

The program promotes the greater city of Brisbane as one clearly branded destination - Australia's new world city - in a way that helps to attract international students and enhance the experiences of those who live here.

International students are supported by the Study Brisbane team and the resources and information available on the Study Brisbane website.

Study Brisbane has a popular Facebook page as well as a YouTube channel.

In China, Study Brisbane’s Weibo social network site targets international students as well as business investors and tourism.

Study Brisbane’s database has a reach of 15000 education agents worldwide.

City Welcome Festival

The City Welcome Festival is Australia’s largest city orientation event for international students. The 2016 Brisbane City Welcome Festival was held on Saturday 27 February at South Bank Cultural Forecourt. 

Attracting more than 5,000 attendees annually, the festival is an opportunity for locals to get involved and welcome Brisbane’s new and existing international students.

It features over 60 exhibitors, including community, leisure, learning, education services and student association sectors, along with day-long live music, international food, competitions and cultural and sporting activities.

Brisbane International Student Ambassador Program

The Brisbane International Student Ambassador Program adopts students from all over the world to share their real-life Brisbane stories with their home country networks.

In April 2016, 40 new advocates from 29 countries and eight education providers were appointed by the Lord Mayor. Meet our 2016 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors.

Student ambassadors use social media to spread the word on why Brisbane is increasingly the city of choice for international students.

Lord Mayor's International Student Friendship Ceremonies

Since July 2012, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has been hosting regular Friendship Ceremonies to thank international students for choosing Brisbane as their study destination, and to encourage them to remain lifelong friends of the city.

More than 3500 international students have so far been presented ‘Certificates of Friendship’ from the Lord Mayor.

Brisbane Marketing’s Study Brisbane team also provides students with resources about the city, including the free Brisbane International Student Guide, and the opportunity to network with a number of community exhibitors.

More information

For more information, visit the Study Brisbane website

Last updated: 3 May 2019

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