Student resources

Students and teachers can use these resources for homework help, school assignments and project ideas. There are also fun games and activities for primary school and high school students.

Homework help

About Brisbane

  • Brisbane images
    Go to the library catalogue home page and click on the ‘Brisbane images' tab to look for Brisbane photos.
  • Planning and building
    Building and development information to help you plan architecture projects.
  • CBD walking trails
    Enjoy a walking trail to find out historical details of Brisbane and significant art located around the city.
  • Council symbols
    View pictures and find out about Brisbane City Council's coat of arms, corporate logo, flag and floral and faunal emblems.
  • Council's history
    Find out about Brisbane's history.
  • History of your house
    Research the history of your home.
  • Brisbane Vision
    Our shared vision for the future of Brisbane, including the eight Brisbane Vision themes.
  • Sister Cities program
    Find out how Brisbane benefits from our nine Sister Cities around the world.
  • Brisbane Community Profiles
    The Brisbane Community Profiles is a tool that provides detailed statistical information on Brisbane’s suburbs, residents and workforce, including information on education levels, population characteristics, multicultural diversity, income and industry.

Other resources

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics 
    Use the ‘statistics' area of the Australian Bureau of Statistics website for information about all of Australia.
  • Brisbane suburb listing 
    Includes statistical information and details on Council facilities in each suburb.
  • Queensland Museum 
    Information about endangered species, Queensland people and local stories.

General environmental resources

  • Environment and waste
    Information about environmental issues, problems and solutions; including air quality, energy use, waste and recycling, water quality, our natural environment and clean and green living.
  • Environmental licensing
    Businesses' responsibilities to make sure they are keeping environmental damage to a minimum.

Other resources

Pollution (including air pollution)

  • Air quality
    Air quality issues and information about what Council is doing to protect our air quality.
  • Pollution sources
    Air pollution sources including vehicles, electricity generation, bushfires, large-scale burning, domestic heating, paint fumes and industry.

Other resources

Traffic and transport

Other resources

Waste and recycling

Other resources

Games and activities

Other resources

  • Brisbane's Future Blueprint
    Outcomes from Plan your Brisbane help to inform Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Future Blueprint, a charter of eight principles and 40 actions to guide the city’s next exciting chapter.
  • Plan your Brisbane citywide engagement summary report
    Download the Plan your Brisbane Citywide engagement summary report, one of the largest and most innovative community engagement projects of any local government in Australia.

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Last updated:3 May 2019