The QUBE Effect

Brisbane's freshest bands have now completed The QUBE Effect 2020. This talented group of 24 new acts have participated in a series of professional development workshops, networked with and have been mentored by some of Brisbane’s most influential music industry experts, and have created their very own unique music video that will set them up for success now and into the future.

The QUBE Effect 2020 finalists

    Ally Rendall

    16 year old pop singer/songwriter Ally Rendall has been singing and playing music since she was 7 years old. Ally began writing her own music in 2016 and released her first original song ‘Who Will Love U’ in 2019. 

    Bashir Ali Jibril

    Bashir Ali Jibril is a solo rapper based in Brisbane.

    Bianca Power

    Smooth vocals are the focus of Bianca's music, combined with ambient textures and RnB grooves. Lyrics are often vulnerable yet bold, with the aim of uplifting, inspiring and entertaining. Her debut is single 'Blood On Your Shoes'.

    Blue Savannah Underworld

    Blue Savannah Underworld are an alien rock, out of body experience. The Brisbane based five-piece consists of Bruno Lordao, Elliot Randall, Sam Power, Jordan Vasiliou and Llama Sims. Although the band is only a year old, the boys have been hanging around the Brisbane and Melbourne music scenes.

    The Bonnie Doons

    The Bonnie Doons are an alternative-rock band formed in Brisbane. Inspired by artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ocean Alley, Hendrix and Oasis; they create a wonderful surf-rock-reggae fusion. This energetic group have been building a buzz in the Brisbane music scene since playing their first show mid-2017 gaining a strong local following.


    Electric duo specialising in huge riffs and catchy hooks. Incorporating elements of rock, punk, dance and pop in their fuzz driven cosmic songwriting to deliver walls of sound both on record and live that will leave you wondering how there's only two humans on stage, not four.

    The Fins

    Forming early in 2019, The Fins have built up a solid reputation for their unapologetically theatrical and dynamic live shows in a short time, playing with a diverse range of local and national acts. Through the execution of their energetic performances, they stylishly flaunt their groove-infused eclecticism through a vibrant and varying palette of musical styles and influences.


    Electronic music maker solo artist Mitchell Hughes creates a unique take on a few different genres of the electronic dance music scene.

    Fresco Kyoto

    Five-piece band, Fresco Kyoto, creates ethereal and melodic indie-pop music.

    Georgia Dutton

    Georgia Dutton is a Brisbane-based singer and songwriter passionate about playing pop and rock inspired songs about from difficult people in the workplace to teenage love ballads. Her easy to listen to music has wide appeal.

    Hazel Mei

    Eclectic and captivating; Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music. Hazel has her own sound full of engaging melodies, intricate rock arrangements and a sprinkling of jazz.


    Fresh indie tunes with catchy pop hooks are the signature style of emerging Brisbane artist, KATANAK. Dylan Cattanach is the face and creator of KATANAK and has been writing, composing and performing his music for the past six years.



    Solo indie pop artist from Brisbane Liam Higgins is Kaypo. He plays a unique blend of acoustic pop, lo-fi and electronica.


    MVP are a new vocal band that are blurring the lines of pop music and a cappella. Blending elements of pop and R&B music together, every sound is created by the human voice, aided by the use of loop stations, samplers and effects.

    Ozi Jarel

    Ozi Jarel is a Ugandan and Sudanese rapper and poet who is inspired by his upbringing in an ethnically diverse community. He is unique in the way he flawlessly uses rhythm and intricate word-play to explore the stories of his ancestors.


    As a spoken word poet, rapper and emerging singer, Sachem is indeed a musical triple threat. Born in Brisbane Sachem is the son of an Indigenous mother, from Quandamooka Country and African American father. Raised within two strong cultures, Sachem (pronounced Say-Chem) has a unique perspective on the world and he proudly represents both sides of his roots.

    Saraima Navara

    Brisbane based singer-songwriter Saraima Navara has been performing on stage for more than eight  years. Singing with Emily Wurramara, Verandah ChiX and George Telek, Saraima lends a unique and soulful sound to the artists she collaborates with, in addition to playing guitar and hand percussion.

    The Letter Elle

    Gabrielle's voice is beautifully deep, melodic and powerful, combined with a songwriting prowess that's lyrically both autobiographical and observational. Her alternative, neo-soul, pop music is dynamic and bursting with energy.

    Lucy Jane

    Lucy writes, sing and composes indie, rock and pop music but loves to get into psychedelic rock too.

    Alula Blue

    Alula Blue are a four-piece indie rock and alternative folk band from the thriving music hub of Brisbane. The band's raw emotion in their lyrics and their cruisy but upbeat sound is felt through their live performances and sound recordings.

    Nicole McKinney

    Singer-songwriter Nicole McKinney is known for her well-crafted, timeless melodies inspired by themes of self-discovery and human connection. Her music is rivalled by her strong distinctive voice. Joined by her full band, the songstress is quickly developing a distinctive sound in the folk/pop/ rock music scene and can be compared to the likes of Missy Higgins and Julia Jacklin.


    Melrose. is the project of producer and songwriter Dan Anderton. Working entirely from his bedroom, he has produced for and written with numerous artists. As a member of Order Sixty6, he recently performed at the Queensland Music Awards where he was also nominated for the song ‘Suburbia’.

    He is influenced and inspired by the eclectic style of Gorillaz, the disco rhythms of Chic and Calvin Harris, as well as the honesty of Mallrat. 

    He also can’t think of a way to finish this bio.

    Chloe Minogue

    Chloe Minogue is a pop singer from the south side of Brisbane. Her music is characterised by smooth melodic sounds and honest lyrics, backed by ethereal dream-pop production.

    Danika and Forte

    With Danika’s soulful vocals, keys and guitar, Forté lends her expressive violin and harp creating a compelling and creative duo. The dynamic duo delving into genres such as folk, indie, soul, jazz, r&b and funk, and conveying passionate and compelling music through their individual finesse in songwriting, composition and improvisation. 

    Competition prizes

    People’s Choice Award – supported by BEMAC 

    • BEMAC sponsored live show at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
    • BEMAC sponsored venue rehearsal package at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
    • public relations and marketing session with Dew Process
    • one song produced, recorded and mixed with Aria award winning Producer, Magoo at USC Studios 
    • $300 Manny & Store DJ voucher. 

    Innovation Award – supported by Dew Process 

    • one session with a booking agent by Dew Process
    • public relations sessions by Dew Process 
    • professional photoshoot package by Karl Bouro and Torn Parachute
    • $300 Music Express voucher 

    Best Original Song – supported by QMusic 

    • BIGSOUND Festival line-up performance opportunity 
    • one mentoring session tailored and provided by QMusic
    • $200 Manny & Store DJ voucher 

    Best Live Performance – supported by The Tivoli  

    • support act to one Tivoli event 
    • one paid gig by BEMAC 
    • live event photography shoot by Karl Bouro and Torn Parachute. 

    Lord Mayor's City Hall Concert Award 

    • one paid performance at Brisbane City Hall as part of the Lord Mayor’s City Hall Concerts 
    • a one hour mentoring session with Aria award winning Producer Magoo 
    • $200 Music Express voucher. 

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    Image: Hero Image - The Jensens - Telstra Innovation Award and JMC Best Original Song award winner 2019.

    Last updated:6 July 2020