Pathways out of Homelessness Grant Program budget tips

A budget must support your application for a Pathways out of Homelessness grant. Use this page to access budget tips and view the budget table example to help you develop your budget.

Budget tips

  • Make sure your total project income equals your total expenditure.
  • Volunteer staff can be costed from $35 per hour for non-skilled labour and at relevant rates for professionals. If you include 'in-kind' contributions in your budget, provide a breakdown of your calculations and all relevant details for each item
  • Provide a minimum of two recent quotes for all capital items detailed in the budget.
  • All quotes should be itemised and detail the full scope of works.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the program guidelines. What can be funded includes:
    • Project and activity delivery, including direct staff costs for the project
    • Infrastructure or capital works (except those related to the construction or maintenance of social housing)
    • Materials, services and programs that create sustainable pathways out of homelessness (including activities related to certified training and employment; self-care and living skills; social connections; activities that improve physical, emotional and mental health; services supporting management of tenancies and accommodation; equipment that helps sustain tenancies; and outreach services)
  • An accredited building certifier must be engaged for all capital works projects, to review plans before work commences, and to formally certify that the completed works have achieved compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the Disability Discrimination Act. The cost of engaging a certifier can be included in the project budget.

Please note that for the purpose of assessment:

  • All budget figures must be goods and service tax (GST) exclusive i.e. deduct GST from quotes and invoices.
  • If your organisation is not GST registered, 10% GST is added to your grant prior to assessment, but is not itemised as GST.
  • If your organisation is GST registered, 10% GST is added to your grant as an itemised GST gross-up.

An example budget table for the Pathways out of Homelessness Grant Program is below:

Example budget table for the Pathways out of Homelessness Grant Program
Income (source of funding) Amount (ex GST) Project expenditure (description of work and name of supplier) Amount (ex GST)
Brisbane City Council Pathways out of Homelessness grant program $100,000.00 34 storage lockers by <company name> $65,000.00
Organisation's financial contribution to the project $20,000.00 Installation $50,000.00
Organisation's in-kind contribution to the project $15,000.00 Security system $15,000.00
Other grants e.g. State Government Grant (approved) $25,000.00 Project officer (part time) $20,000.00
Other income




Contingency 5%

Development Assessment and Building Approval costs (if applicable)

Accredited building certifier




Total Income $160,000.00 Total Expenditure  $160,000.00

NOTE: Ensure all income and expenditure totals match

Last updated:30 September 2019