Lord Mayor's Community Fund terms and conditions

Successful applicants of Brisbane City Council grants must comply with the following terms and conditions during the course of their grant:

1. Project implementation

Your project must be completed within 12 months of the date of the approval letter, unless an alternative acquittal date has been documented and agreed to by the Councillor.

Note that the Ward Councillor would be interested in receiving an invitation to any launches, activities or events that are related to your project. This can be done by contacting or sending information to the Ward Office.

2. Documentation of the project

Within 12 months of the date of the approval letter, provide a summary report of minimum size of one page to the Ward Office through which the application was submitted. The report should provide (a) and (b):

a) Statement of expenditure for the project except projects outlined in (c); and

b) Summary of the project with information such as:

  • what occurred during the project
  • who participated in the project
  • what was achieved
  • if an evaluation took place, a copy of the evaluation report of the project (you may want to include photographs or media reports)

c) For projects relating to purchasing equipment or installing equipment (or similar), the invoice for that piece of equipment is a sufficient record of expenditure and a report is not required.

3. Promoting your project

Projects or events supported wholly or partly by a Lord Mayor's Community Fund allocation must acknowledge the program with the words 'Supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Fund'. 

4. General conditions

  1. The funding must not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was approved.
  2. Should the actual total project costs be more than the proposed project costs, Council will not be responsible for, nor obliged to pay any monies additional to the notified funding amount.
  3. Should the actual total project costs be less than the proposed project costs, the applicant group must repay the difference to Council at the time of funding acquittal.
  4. If the applicant expends the funding for a purpose different to the approved purpose without the prior written consent of the Councillor or Council, or fails to expend the funding at all, or fails to acquit the funds within the timeframe specified, then:
    1. Council is not required to make any further payment to the group and, in respect of any payments that have been made, the group is required to repay the said monies to Council; and
    2. The group will be prohibited from receiving any further funds from Council or any related entity for at least two years, commencing from the date of receiving from Council written notification of future ineligibility (or until such time as may otherwise be agreed with Council).
  5. The applicant group agrees to indemnify Council in respect of the project or activity being undertaken. Should the actual total project costs be more than the proposed project costs, Council will not be responsible nor obliged to pay any monies additional to the notified grant amount.
  6. Any dispute arising out of the funding program and these conditions will be dealt with initially by direct negotiation between the parties. If the dispute is not resolved within 10 business days, the parties will submit the dispute to mediation or some other form of dispute resolution, and if it is not resolved within a reasonable period then either party may commence legal proceedings.
  7. Any applicant group who apply for projects for young people must ensure that persons working with children must have had a Working with Children Check and possess a current 'suitability card' through the Commission for Children and Young People.
  8. Any work being undertaken by a community organisation/supplier/contractor (e.g. electrical work, installation of equipment) must be carried out by a certified/licensed person(s) in accordance with relevant legislation and relevant Australian/Industry standards. 
  9. Applicants agree to have the details of the project, funding amount and organisation published on Council's website and provided in Council reports.
  10. Applicants agree that acquittal of funding will be provided to relevant Ward Councillor or Lord Mayor within 12 months from the initial approval letter.
  11. All applicants must provide an organisation Australian Business Number (ABN) and Bank/State/Branch (BSB) number and valid tax invoice.
  12. If Terms and Conditions are not met, the organisation may be required to pay back to Council the funding amount and/or be ineligible to apply for further funding for 2 years.
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