Lord Mayor's Young and Emerging Artists Fellowships 2020

Below are the recipients of the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor's Young and Emerging Artists Fellowships for 2020. Successful grant recipients receive funding to join national or international training and development programs through participation in further study, mentorship and structured experience.

Note: Due to the impacts of Coronavirus, some projects may be impacted and subject to change.

Recipients of the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor's Young and Emerging Artists Fellowships for 2020


Project Description

Amount approved

Aidan Hogg

Aidan will undertake a week long course in France and 10-day residency at Cable Street Studios in London. The professional development opportunities will further Aidan’s skills in advanced music production, mixing, writing and collaboration.


Jonathan O'Brien

Jonathan will undertake a three-month residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland. The residency will provide mentoring and research opportunities to develop Jonathan’s skills in trans-continental fiction and increase his knowledge of Irish social history.


Julian Panetta

Julian will undertake a five-day masterclass in cinematography hosted by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The masterclass will provide networking opportunities and develop Julian's skills in cinematography and management.


Kate Malone

Kate will participate in residencies at three international circus venues; Tohu in Canada, Assembly in Edinburgh and the Chameleon Theatre in Berlin. The residencies will provide mentoring opportunities and develop the Kate's skills in the operational management of large circus venues and events.


Nina Wildman

Nina will undertake a Master of Arts at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The two-year Masters program continues Nina's studies as a classically trained opera singer and provides skills necessary to enter the industry through access to networks and some of the world's best language and performance coaches.


Rachel Choi

Rachel will undertake a month-long internship with Factory Gate Films in Beijing, China. The internship will develop Rachel’s skills in film production, expand her professional networks and provide for the development and distribution of a short documentary film.


Zenobia Frost

Zenobia will participate in international professional development activities to develop a new poetry project and expand international networks in North America. Zenobia will attend the New York Poetry Festival, the Frost Place Poetry Seminar and conduct research to develop her digital poetry game 'Haunt'.


Jordan Azcune

Jordan will undertake research in Hyderabad, India, by visiting architecturally significant places of worship and monumental sculptures to support the development of networks and skills in visual arts, public art and architectural expressions of spirituality.


Last updated: 12 June 2020