City Botanic Gardens

The riverside City Botanic Gardens are Brisbane's original botanic gardens. Attractions at the gardens include the Bamboo Grove, Weeping Fig Avenue, Riverstage, ornamental ponds and more. Booking sites are available for special events.


What's on at the City Botanic Gardens

Events at the City Botanic Gardens include concerts, exhibitions and shows at Riverstage and the Main Rotunda. The gardens also host a wide range of fitness activities and community and family orientated festivals. Free guided walks run Monday-Saturday.


City Botanic Gardens designated booking site

There are nine outdoor designated booking areas that can be reserved for special events. The areas range from scenic ponds, to intimate small spaces and large, open grassed areas.


Getting to the City Botanic Gardens

Find out how to access the City Botanic Gardens by foot, cycle and public transport.


City Botanic Gardens attractions

Explore the City Botanic Gardens by visiting each of the key attractions listed on this page.


City Botanic Gardens facilities and services

The City Botanic Gardens provide a great venue for a picnic, as well as beautiful settings for weddings and other functions. The Gardens Club cafe is open daily.

City Botanic Gardens self-guided walks

Walk through the City Botanic Gardens at your own pace with our self-guided walk. 

City Botanic Gardens all abilities playground

The City Botanic Gardens all abilities playground provides a variety of play experiences for people of all abilities.

City Botanic Gardens Master Plan

The City Botanic Gardens Master Plan guides planning for this iconic open space.

Guided walks

Take a free volunteer guided walk through the City Botanic Gardens. Walks proceed at a gentle pace and last approximately one hour.

History - City Botanic Gardens

Read about the rich history of the City Botanic Gardens.


Chairs2Share is a Council program that makes outdoor furniture available for use for free in two City parks, including the City Botanic Gardens.

Environment education for students - City Botanic Gardens

The City Botanic Gardens offer outdoor learning opportunities for prep, primary and secondary school students.

City Botanic Gardens volunteer guides

Find out how to become a volunteer guide for the free guided walks in the gardens.

City Botanic Gardens improvement works - Brisbane City

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce that improvement works in the City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane City have started and is expected to be complete by late 2018.


In 2018 Council hosted Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside. Botanica is growing to become Council’s showcase public art event held annually in the City Botanic Gardens. Scheduled for May 2019.