Building appearances

Owners of buildings within the Fortitude Valley designated area have a duty to maintain the appearance of their building to a standard which does not detract from the appearances of other buildings in the area.

A building is likely to detract from the appearances of other buildings in the designated area if it is in:

  • a dirty condition
  • a state of disrepair
  • need of repainting
  • a dilapidated condition

Council will investigate the circumstances of any complaint and if appropriate engage with the owner to work towards a resolution. This may include compliance action.

If you choose to request an internal review into Council's compliance action, you can download the Internal Review application form (PDF - 70kb).

Lodging a complaint

When investigating complaints about unsightly building appearances, Brisbane City Council considers:

  • public health and safety
  • whether the appearance of the building detracts from the surrounding environment

To lodge a complaint about unsightly building appearances (within a designated area):

Last updated: 21 August 2019