Entertainment permit

If your event needs an Entertainment Event Permit, you will need to submit an application to Brisbane City Council a minimum of six weeks before the event.

All applications for an Entertainment Event Permit must be made using the application form and must include a detailed site plan. See ‘How to apply’  section below for more information. 

When you need a permit

If the event is a fete or a similar school based event run by the school or P&C organisation, it may be eligible for a streamlined school-based event permit instead of the Entertainment Event Permit.

Otherwise, if your event is open to the public, it needs an Entertainment Event permit if you expect to have 2000 people or more attending over the duration of the event. Events might include:

  • amusement rides
  • boxing or wrestling contest, display or exhibition
  • circus
  • school fetes or events that do not meet the requirements for a streamlined school-based event permit
  • fairs or festivals
  • live artist performances
  • live music or entertainment
  • music events using RNA showgrounds
  • sporting activities including motor racing conducted in venues other than those that have been approved for that purpose.

When no permit is needed

A permit is not required for:

  • private parties, functions or activities
  • one-off events, festivals or markets with less than 2000 people attending over the duration of the event (however event operators still need to be aware of the requirements of Entertainment venues and events local law and Environmental Protection Act 1994). You are encouraged to read and understand the requirements outlined on these pages.


The application fee for an event permit depends on the expected number of people attending the event.

This table shows the fees related to entertainment permits including number of people attending event and fees.
Number of people attending Fee
2000 - 10,000 $1656.60
10,001 and greater $3392.50
Amendment (alteration or expansion of the business activity) $452.55

These fees do not attract GST.


Charitable, religious and not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for one of the following concessions.

Type 1 – Charitable and religious organisations.

Charitable and religious organisations listed in the Qualifying Type 1 Religious or Charitable Organisations register (Word - 40.64kb) in Council's Budget for the 2022-23 financial year are eligible for a 50% fee reduction.

Type 2 – Not-for-profit essential welfare or community service

Not-for-profit organisations that provide or support welfare services or community services may be eligible to apply for a Type 2 concession which provides a 50% fee reduction on the event application (excluding school-based, self-assessable event applications). The Type 2 concession is applied for at the same time as lodging an entertainment event permit application. Unsuccessful applications for a Type 2 concession will be sent an invoice for the balance of the fees and the application will not proceed to assessment until this invoice has been paid.

Type 3 – not-for-profit community

Incorporated not-for-profit community organisations which are established for sporting, educational, recreational, cultural or community purposes may be eligible for a Type 3 concession. The Type 3 concession, which provides an upfront 50% reduction on the event application fee (excluding school-based, self-assessable event applications), is applied for at the same time as lodging an entertainment event application. Unsuccessful applications for a Type 3 concession will be sent an invoice for the balance of the fees and the application will not proceed to assessment until this invoice has been paid.

Certain events may also be required to submit a performance bond as part of their permit conditions. Performance bonds can vary from $5000 to $50,000 depending on the size and risk of the proposed event. The assessing officer will be able to provide further advice once an application has been received. Type 2 and 3 concessions do not apply to performance bonds.

How to apply

Application form

Complete the Application for event approvals online form to apply for the key Council approvals you may need in relation to your event, including:

  • Entertainment events permit application (including the option to book a Council park for the event)
  • Temporary lane/road closure assessment application - special events (including the option to apply for temporary use of the footway)
  • Consent for Temporary Liquor Licence Application for event or other activity on Council land.

Alternatively you can download a hardcopy of the Entertainment events permit application (PDF - 118kb).

Applications, including a detailed site plan, must be lodged at least six weeks before the event.

Council will review your application to identify any supporting documentation that will be required and will send you a request for information. All additional documents must be submitted to Council at least two weeks before the event.

Applications not lodged in accordance with these timeframes may be refused due to the lack of time for Council to properly assess the application.

Site plan

Prepare a site plan to scale including the following details where applicable:

  • entry and exit points from the event and adjoining buildings
  • emergency services designated areas and access points
  • location and arrangement of noise sources
  • location and arrangement of light sources
  • location of restricted areas
  • method of proposed ventilation (for any indoor event)
  • location and number of bins and toilets
  • location of food and drinks stalls including potable water supply source.

Emergency medical services and evacuation plan

All applications must include a plan detailing how evacuations will be managed and what procedures are in place to manage incidents requiring medical services.

Other approvals

Depending on the type of event and activities planned, there are a number of related event approvals from Council and/or Queensland Government that may also be required. You will need to obtain approval for these activities, and may be required to provide copies of these approvals to Council before your application can be finalised:

Supporting documents

There are a number of supporting documents that may be required for Council to fully assess your application. Submit as many as you can with your application form and site plan. Any outstanding documents can be provided to Council as they become available closer to the event. Supporting documents that may be required include Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance at a minimum of $20 million indemnifying Council for all claims for personal injury and damage to property arising out of the event. You must also ensure that all sub-contractors have appropriate Public Liability Insurance (e.g. electricians, ride operators, stage/marquee/grandstand erectors etc.)

Note: if the relevant information is not provided before the event, the permit may not be issued.

Proposed Events Local Law 2022 consultation

Council has by resolution proposed to make a local law entitled Events Local Law 2022 (the proposed local law). Council is now consulting with the public about the proposed local law . Find out more information.

More information

For more information, phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263).

Last updated: 21 November 2022

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