Event rides and animals

Many events have attractions such as amusement rides and animal rides or displays. Rides and animals must be effectively managed to ensure they do not represent a risk to attendees.


Where amusement rides are proposed at an event, you will need to provide to Brisbane City Council a copy of:

  • Certificate of Registrable Plant for each ride
    The ride owner will be able to provide you with this certificate which is issued or renewed in February each year. With the exception of some inflatables and coin-operated amusement devices, the majority of amusement devices require registration from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
  • Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance for each ride operator

Queensland Government has developed a useful safety checklist for amusement rides which provides a summary of the safety factors to address with ride operators.


If the event includes domestic animals, the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 requires all animals be under effective control or contained within an appropriate enclosure.

A veterinary check is required for animals used in events such as circuses.

If you are having any animal contact amusement operators, for example animal farms or petting zoos, you need to ensure they operate within Queensland Government's Infection Control Guidelines for Animal Contact.

Last updated:9 May 2019