Event Traffic Marshal scheme

If you are planning a special event that involves a temporary lane or road closure, you could use the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Special Event Traffic Marshal scheme. The scheme allows volunteers to conduct limited traffic control activities where you may not require accredited traffic controllers for basic and low risk traffic duties.

Prior to the scheme's introduction, volunteers could not legally control traffic. Event marshals could only direct pedestrians at an event as directed by an accredited traffic controller, TMR or acting under the direction of police officers.

The scheme now allows appropriately trained volunteers to act as Event Traffic Marshals (ETM) in low speed, low traffic environments to support special events in a safe way.  

When an Event Traffic Marshal can be used

ETM's are only authorised to undertake basic and low risk traffic duties at permitted special events where a risk assessment was conducted by an accredited Traffic Management Designer and outlined in a Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS). 

As a general rule, events held on road/s that meet the following traffic environment criteria are eligible for consideration for review by a Traffic Management Designer:

  • a speed limit/environment of 60 km/h or less
  • no more than 200 vehicles per hour (highest volume during event in progress)   
  • maximum of one lane for each direction of traffic (ETM's cannot undertake stop/go)
  • not at a signalised intersection
  • no railway crossing within closed area.

If your event does not meet the traffic environment criteria or if a Traffic Management Designer does not approve using ETM's, you must use accredited traffic controllers. You can find a list of accredited Traffic Management organisations on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.  

How to apply to Council to use an Event Traffic Marshal at your event

If your event meets the ETM traffic environment criteria, you need to request a Traffic Management Designer to complete a TGS. The TGS must include a risk assessment and traffic management plan for your event. You can find a list of qualified traffic management designers on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.  

Once complete, follow Council’s temporary lane or road closure application process. Upload required documentation including your event TGS as completed by your Traffic Management Designer.

For more information, phone Council's Temporary Road Closure team on 07 3403 9769.

How to apply to become an Event Traffic Marshal

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer ETM, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website and follow the application steps.

More information

Visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website to learn more about:

  • TMR's ETM scheme
  • how to become an ETM, and
  • event organiser responsibilities.
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