Related event approvals

In addition to the Entertainment Event Permit, you may need other approvals from Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government for specific activities in relation to your event. Find out the approvals required for:

Food vendors

You need to provide to Council a list of all food vendors involved with your event, including each operator's food business licence number.

Generally food businesses that involve the preparation of food do require a licence. You can find out the requirements for temporary food stalls and mobile food vehicles. There are some exemptions that apply for non-profit organisations.

Serving or selling alcohol

If you want to sell or serve alcohol at your event, you may need a liquor licence from Queensland Government. If your event is to be held on Council property you need an endorsement from Council for your application. If you need this endorsement, phone the Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) for assistance.

Signage for events

If you are running a community event, you are permitted to have a community event sign, provided you carry out a self-assessment to make sure you comply with the relevant requirements.

You can also find out the licence requirements for other types of signs for your event using the advertising signs tool.


Fireworks can only be bought, stored, transported and used by professionals licensed by Queensland Government. If you plan to have fireworks at your event, you will need to engage an appropriately licensed professional, and they will need to submit a Fireworks notification form to Queensland Government at least seven calendar days before the event.

You need to provide Council with a copy of the:

  • fireworks notification form submitted to Queensland government and
  • fireworks contractor's public liability insurance.

As part of your Notifications to stakeholders, you will need to notify the local fire station about the fireworks at least seven days before the event.

Temporary road closure

If you want to close a lane, road or Brisbane City Council parking bay for your event, you can apply for approval as part of the Application for event approvals online form. Find out more about using or closing a road or footpath.

Traffic and parking management plan

You are required to submit to Council a Traffic and Parking Management Plan for all entertainment event permit applications.

The plan must be:

The plan must include:

  • maps and/or diagrams of the event areas and sites
  • proposed signage, barricading and traffic control
  • plan showing what type of traffic devices will be used and in what positions
  • confirmation that traffic direction will only be conducted by police officers or accredited traffic control officers
  • details of what road closures are proposed and for what periods those roads will be closed
  • at least one diversionary route for traffic affected by each road closure
  • emergency vehicle accesses.

Events in parks

If you propose to have exclusive use of a particular area within a Council park for your event, you can apply for approval as part of the Application for event approvals online form. Find out more about park bookings.

Last updated: 10 May 2019