Related event approvals and management plans

In addition to the event permit, you may need other approvals from Brisbane City Council, approvals from the Queensland Government or management plans developed or endorsed by a suitably qualified person. Find out what may be required for:

You may be asked to provide Council with evidence that the related event approvals have been obtained, or a copy of any management plans, as part of your event permit application.

Drone licence, registration or accreditation

A licence, registration or accreditation may be required if you intend to operate a drone. These are regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Event electrical and gas safety

You need to ensure you follow all electrical safety and gas safety requirements from the Queensland Government and have relevant certification completed. Copies of this certification must be available for inspection by a Council officer on the day of the event.

Event rides and animals

Many events have attractions such as amusement rides and animal rides or displays that must be managed to ensure they do not represent a risk to attendees.


Amusement rides at events may require a certificate of registerable plant from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Queensland Government has developed a useful safety checklist for amusement rides which provides a summary of the safety factors to address with ride operators.


If the event includes domestic animals, the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 requires all animals to be under effective control or contained within an appropriate enclosure.

If the event involves exhibiting animals in temporary exhibits, such as to educate members of the public about the species, you may require approval from the Queensland Government.

If you are having any animal contact activities, for example animal farms or petting zoos, you need to ensure they operate within Queensland Government's Infection Control Guidelines for Animal Contact.

Events in parks

Events in council parks require Council consent, as well as a park booking to  secure exclusive use of the area. To hold an event at a Council park, complete the application for event approvals online form. Find out more about park bookings.


Fireworks can only be bought, stored, transported and used by professionals licensed by Queensland Government. If you plan to have fireworks at your event, you will need to engage an appropriately licensed fireworks contractor.

Food vendors

Food vendors may require a food business licence. Generally, food businesses that involve the preparation or handling of unpackaged food do require a licence.

You should ensure that all food vendors at your event have a current food business licence. You may be asked to provide Council a list of all food vendors and their food business licence details.

Noise management plan

If your event involves firearm activities, motorsport activities and some outdoor musical performances, you are required to submit a noise management plan, prepared or endorsed by a suitably qualified person, with your event permit applications.

Managing noise levels at events is an important part of Council’s commitment to protecting the amenity of the area for the community. Proactive measures such as prior notification to neighbours, crowd control, positioning of stages and loudspeakers, and timing of events can minimise the impacts of noise.

Your event permit application needs to include a noise management plan if you propose to have high levels of amplified music (exceeding 95dBC at 15m from any speaker).

Music concerts or festivals

The types of events likely to exceed 95dBC at 15 metres from any speaker are generally dedicated music concerts or music festivals involving louder genres of music such as:

  • Rock
  • Indy, alternative
  • Punk
  • Metal
  • Reggae and dub
  • DJ and electronic production styles of music.

A noise management plan is generally required for these types of events and must include the following:

  • The location, height and direction of any stages and speakers
  • The expected sound pressure level proposed at the assessable event
  • Noise measurement procedures, including a measurement monitoring point located at the event, so that the permitted sound pressure levels can be confirmed during the performance. This can often be done at the sound mixing desk / front of house, for operational practicality
  • Identify forecast sound levels. 
  • Any noise sensitive place forecast to experience noise levels exceeding 70dBA LAeq,5min must be clearly identified
  • A community notification and engagement strategy.

Forecast sound pressure levels must be developed or endorsed by a suitably qualified person. The Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants provides a list of member Acoustical Consultants suitable for these assessments.

Community events and fetes

Most community events and fetes can be expected to operate below 95dBC at 15 metres from the speakers. Examples of these events include:

  • Traditional cultural music
  • Folk music
  • Small performances typical at markets or food festivals
  • School bands, brass bands or choirs
  • Bagpipes
  • Dance classes or dance performances
  • Theatre, plays or classical music
  • Some small scale, lower intensity bands.

It isn’t necessary for these types of musical performances to undertake a noise management plan or monitor their noise levels. However, these types of events should still minimise the noise to their neighbours by positioning speakers as far away as practical, and directing the speakers away from sensitive areas.

For further information on noise limits for events, phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263).

Serving or selling alcohol

The sale or service of alcohol at your event, may need a liquor licence from Queensland Government

Council consent is required for temporary liquor licence applications for events or other activities on Council land. Phone the Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) for more information on how to apply for an endorsement. 

Signage for events

If you are intending to advertise your event using temporary or permanent advertising signs, they must comply with the requirements of the Advertising Devices Local Law 2021.

Temporary buildings and structures

Stages, marquees or other temporary structures need to be constructed in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. You may need engineering certification and building approval for certain structures.

Engineering certification

Engineering certification must be obtained for all tents and marquees over 100 square metres and all stages and grandstands, regardless of size.

Building approval

In addition to engineering certification, building approval is required for any temporary structures that are more than 100 square metres but less than 500 square metres. These structures must comply with the requirements of the Queensland Development Code MP3.2 Tents.

For structures exceeding 500 square metres, phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) for specific advice, as development approval may be required.

Temporary road closure

If you want to close a lane, road or Brisbane City Council parking bay for your event, you will need a temporary road closure certificate from Council. Find out more about using or closing a road or footpath.

You may be required to provide Council with a traffic management plan as part of this application.

Traffic and parking management plan

For events that are likely to have an impact on traffic flow, but do not need a road closure permit, Council may require a traffic management plan prepared by, or endorsed by, an appropriately qualified person.

The plan must be developed in accordance with Queensland Government requirements for traffic management at special events.

Working with children

Events that incorporate child-related employment or are considered a regulated child-related business may require working with children approvals, such as Blue Card. Refer to Queensland Government’s Blue Card Services for more information.

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