Self-assessable event permit

This type of permit is for events with an expected attendance of 2000 or more people that do not have any of the assessable risks which have the potential to impact the amenity of the local area.

You need to apply for this permit a minimum of 6 weeks before your event. You can apply online and obtain the permit immediately.

Use our online tool to check which type of permit you need

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Require further assistance? Call the Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263)


A self-assessable event is an event that:

  • does not operate for more than 5 consecutive days or 30 non-consecutive days
  • does not include firearm activities
  • does not include motorsport activities
  • does not involve an outdoor musical performance where the sound level is expected to exceed 95dBC when measured 15 metres from any speaker
  • commences after 7am on any day (excluding bump-in times)
  • finishes before 10pm on any day (excluding bump-out times)
  • does not involve the service or consumption of alcohol
  • does not involve road closures or traffic management
  • does not have an expected attendance of more than 5000 people at any given time
  • does not have an expected attendance of more than 10,000 people over the duration of the event.

Events which do contain any one of these assessable risks and have with an expected attendance of 1000 or more people over the duration of the event must apply for an assessable event permit instead.

Events which meet the eligibility criteria but expect fewer than 1000 people to attend do not require a permit.

Help with your application

Use the self-assessable events checklist (Word - 226 kb) to learn more about requirements and what conditions will be placed on the permit if it is approved.

You can contact the Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) and speak to a Festival and Events Liaison Officer who can work with you to define your requirements, possible event spaces and application timeframes.

They’ll also serve as your primary contact for planning your event permit application and can help you navigate Council’s requirements.

Event permit fee

The application fee can be paid with a Mastercard or Visa. This fee does not attract GST.

Self-assessable event permit feeFee
Self-assessable event permit$75.00

How to apply

Confirm your venue

If using Council parks, check the park bookings and consents, and book the venue. You will need your booking reference number before you apply for an event permit.

Check if you need an event permit

Use the online tool to determine if you need a permit for your event, and which type.

Check now

Apply for event permit 6 weeks before your event (or earlier)

  • You need to submit your application a minimum of 6 weeks (30 business days) before your planned event, to give Council sufficient time to review and assess.
  • Apply online and pay the relevant application fee.

Apply online

After you submit

Your permit will outline the types of documents and plans you need to prepare to manage your event safely (you may find these templates useful):

  • a detailed site plan drawn to scale
  • copy of the event notification letter, or similar (including the time, date, place of the event and the Event Hotline) sent to all affected residents and businesses
  • evidence of consultation with the relevant stakeholders (i.e. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, the local Councillor, surrounding residents and businesses)
  • landowners consent (if you are not the owner of the land upon which the event will be held).

Depending on the activities undertaken at the event, additional information may be required:

  • permits or approvals as required by other laws
  • other documentation, such as management plans.

When you get your permit

  • Have your documents and permit ready and available for inspection
  • Keep a copy of your documentation to help with repeating this process, if you plan to reapply for a permit in future.

After approval

Once you have your permit, you will need to ensure you have all the documents specified in the permit conditions before the event. You will need to keep the permit and these documents onsite and available for inspection by Council officers for the duration of the event and for a minimum of 20 business days after the event.

Council officers may visit the site during the event to check on compliance with permit conditions.

You will need to ensure you have met your obligations in relation to:

  • event management: duration and hours of operation, site plan, public liability insurance, number of attendees
  • safety: emergency response, evacuation, first aid and medical services
  • amenities: water supply, toilet facilities
  • traffic: traffic and crowd control, transport, parking and pedestrian management
  • stakeholders: stakeholder notification
  • environmental impact: environmental protection, noise, sustainability, waste and litter.
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