Preparing a food business application

If you are preparing an application for a food business in a fixed location such as a cafe, restaurant, takeaway, home business, factory or similar, the following information will assist you to get your application right the first time.

Your application must meet the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards to be assessed and decided. If your application does not meet this criteria, assessment may not be able to start or your application could be refused.

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Ensure your application is properly made and avoid common application problems that may cause delays.

Application for design assessment

Brisbane City Council will assess your proposed food premises plans to make sure the design complies with the Food Safety Standards.

Acceptable solutions for the design and construction of food premises are detailed in the design and fit-out guide for food businesses located under the application process and assessment section of the Local Government Toolbox website.

Applications must be:

  • made on the Food Business Design Application form
  • lodged with the appropriate fee
  • accompanied by the plans and drawings of the proposed food premises.

Plans and drawings

Plans submitted as part of a design application can be prepared by an architect, draftsperson, builder or shopfitter. You can prepare your own plans as long as all the requirements are met.

Plans are required to be fully legible at A3 or A4 size and to the relevant scale. Hand drawn plans that are neat, legible and to scale are acceptable and should be drafted using a pen and ruler.

All plans must include:

  • name, address and contact details of the architect, draftsperson, builder or shopfitter
  • drawing scale and date when plans were drafted
  • name of food business operator
  • address of the premises
  • proposed name of the food premises.

Some documents on this page need Adobe Reader to view or print them. You can download Adobe Reader for free.

Submit one copy of the following plans and drawings:

Table showing plan or drawing type, scale required and details to be included
Plan or drawing Scale Details to be included
Site plan
Download an example site plan (PDF - 33kb)
(maximum 1:50)
  • where the food premises is located in the street and/or building complex
  • grease trap (if required)
  • staff toilet facilities.
Floor plan
Download an example floor plan (PDF - 48kb)
  • layout of the food premises
  • location of all the equipment, fixtures and drainage facilities
  • list of fixtures and equipment
  • finishes schedule which details the materials that will be used for floors and coving, walls, ceilings and benches.
Sectional elevations
(example elevations can be viewed in the floor plan)
  • side views of food preparation and storage areas that shows all fittings and equipment
  • ceiling heights
  • wall and floor clearances of benches, equipment and fixtures.
Mechanical exhaust ventilation
Download an example of mechanical exhaust ventilation (PDF - 40kb)
(Plans are required only if you are installing mechanical exhaust ventilation)
  • location in kitchen
  • dimensions
  • discharge point
  • angles of filters.

Application for food business licence

Council will assess the suitability of the premises, the applicant's previous compliance with food legislation and the applicant's skills and knowledge in providing safe food, when deciding if a licence may be issued.

Applications must be:

  • made on the Food Business Licence Application form
  • lodged with the appropriate fee
  • accompanied (where applicable) by a Food Safety Program and Food Safety Program Accreditation Application form.

Incomplete and not properly made applications

If a food business licence application is not properly made at the time of lodgement, it may be held by Council until it is considered to be properly made. If held, assessment will not begin until all the outstanding information has been supplied to Council.

In order for an application to be properly assessed and decided, Council may require additional information from you. In this case a request for further information may be issued and your application placed on hold, causing delay. This may require you to submit amended plans or additional reports. If after 30 days the information has not been supplied, your design application or food business licence application will be considered withdrawn. Withdrawn applications can be resubmitted to Council and a new application fee will apply.

Translated documents

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Last updated: 4 December 2019