Eligibility criteria and conditions for lighting up a Council asset

Brisbane City Council offers certain Council assets and bridges for you to light up to promote a major event or awareness campaign.

Before submitting your application, you are encouraged to read the:

Eligibility criteria

  1. Lighting of Council assets is only available for significant City, State or National events or awareness campaigns that: 
    - have a city-wide audience; or 
    - benefit all Brisbane residents; or
    ​- attract 10,000 participants; or
    - are a national event represented in multiple states
  2. Applications must be submitted by an organisation or registered not-for-profit organisation
  3. To be eligible for consideration as a not-for-profit organisation, the organisation must either:
    - be listed in Appendix A of Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges; or 
    - have a principal objective consistent with the definitions of welfare or community as defined in the Revenue Statement under Rebates and Concessions on Rates and Charges, in the Not-for-Profit (Welfare and Community) Organisations section.
  4. Organisations not listed in Appendix A, but which meet the criteria in the above guideline 2, can apply by:
    - supplying a Registered Charity or Not-For-Profit Certificate from an Australian government charity and not-for-profit register.
    All applications made apply to the current booking only and are subject to approval by the Branch Manager - Customer Services.
  5. Approved bookings may be charged the external costs incurred in relation to awareness campaign lighting. These costs may include late changes to colours or fees for complex programming requests where Council is obliged to pay third parties to enable the service to be delivered. Applicants will be advised of these costs by Council in response to the style of lighting requested.


The following conditions apply to all lighting requests:

  • Council reserves the right for use of its assets during a booked period
  • Council reserves the right to cancel any asset lighting bookings at their discretion
  • Dates may be blocked out due to maintenance
  • A new application is required for each event/awareness campaign and can be submitted up to twelve months in advance
  • Lighting requests are approved for a minimum of one night to a maximum of seven nights, subject to availability
  • Organisations with approved bookings may be asked to relinquish dates to allow for other bookings
  • Approval granted is a one-off approval. A new application is required for subsequent events or campaigns.  
  • Coverage on Council's social media channels is subject to availability. Scheduling conflicts, crisis situations or other events could result in coverage not being provided on these channels.

Reddacliff Place Steam sculptures, Donna Marcus: Steam 2006

  • The sculptures can be lit in one of the following options: red, green, blue, yellow, or pink/maroon
  • Alternately, you can select ‘All Colours’ and the colour of each sculpture will rotate through all the options in sequenceCharges may apply to any changes after hours, on weekends or public holidays and are subject to prior approval.

Wickham Terrace Car Park architectural wall

  • Up to a maximum of four (4) colours can be chosen in a selection and only one colour can be displayed at any one time and will display in a rotating sequence every 30 seconds (with the exception of rainbow).
  • The colours of red, orange and green will be in a light wash only.
  • The wall can only be selected with the inclusion of other light up assets and cannot be selected as a stand-alone asset. 

Tropical Dome, Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha

  • Light ups will be at the curator’s discretion, which may include restricted light up hours.
  • A limited colour palette is available, primarily consisting of single colours.
  • The dome can only be selected with the inclusion of other light up assets and cannot be selected as a stand-alone asset.
Last updated:1 July 2020