Vehicle access to malls

To ensure pedestrian safety, traffic restrictions apply to all malls. You must obtain a permit of vehicle access for cars, trucks and other types of vehicles. Bicycles and skateboards are not permitted to be ridden in mall areas at any time. 

Find out about the unique vehicle access requirements that apply to King George Square.

When you need a permit

A permit is required for cars, trucks and other types of vehicles to enter malls for valid reasons.

Examples of valid reasons include:

  • for the purpose of loading or unloading goods when a business located in a mall does not have access to a laneway or commercial parking area
  • when tradespeople who are working at businesses located in a malls require access to tools and materials

Permitted access times

Permitted vehicle access times for malls
Location Monday to Friday Weekends
Queen St Mall midnight - 7am 2am - 7am
Reddacliff Place midnight - 7am 2am - 7am
Brunswick St Mall midnight - 9.30am 6am - 7am
Chinatown Mall midnight - 9.30am 6am - 7am

Strict weight restrictions apply to all vehicles with a combined gross vehicle maximum (CGVM) being less than 12 tonnes.

Note: Authorised vehicle entry/exit to Queen Street Mall is via George Street and Edward Street only. 

When no permit is needed

Strollers, prams, wheelchairs and motorised disability assistance devices used for their normal purposes do not require a permit.

Permits are not needed for Queen Street Mall when:

  • motor vehicles are only entering Burnett Lane (via Albert Street) from Adelaide Street
  • motor vehicles are exiting or entering private laneways or loading bays that are only accessible from Albert Street
  • bicycles or wheeled recreational vehicles are being pushed or carried through the mall in a manner which does not cause annoyance, hindrance or obstruction to pedestrians. 

Permits are not needed for Brunswick Street and Chinatown Malls when:

  • motor vehicles are exiting or entering the car park adjoining Chinatown Mall during its hours of operation via the entry or exit lanes in Duncan Street


For an annual vehicle access permit, you will need to pay an application fee of $24.60 and a licence fee of $190 when making the application.

For weekly permits, the application fee is $12.30 and a permit fee of $4.10 each week or part thereof is payable.

These fees do not attract GST.

How to apply

Permits take five working days to process.

To apply online please complete the Malls Traffic Permit Application online form and pay by credit card.

More information

If you have any questions call City Malls management on 07 3403 8195.

Last updated:24 June 2019