Under the Animals Local Law 2017 (local law), a livestock permit is required for keeping a horse in a residential area, except a rural or rural residential area. If the horse is used for racing then a racehorse permit is required instead. Where the keeping of an animal is authorised under a development approval issued by Council, a permit under the local law is not required.

Requirements for domestic horses

A domestic horse can be kept subject to the following conditions:

  • a horse must be kept behind a fence or in an enclosure which is adequate to prevent the animal from going over, under, through or otherwise escaping it
  • the keeping of a horse must not cause a nuisance of any kind to the occupiers of properties in the surrounding area
  • the number of horses kept must not negatively impact the ability of occupiers of surrounding properties to carry out the ordinary activities of the area and enjoy its amenity
  • the number of horses kept must not negatively impact the health or safety of people or other animals
  • food must be stored in vermin proof containers
  • the animals must be kept, and all waste disposed of, in a way that does not:
  • cause environmental harm
  • give rise to a breeding place for designated pests
  • cause a nuisance
  • cause a risk to the health or safety of a person or another animal
  • ​stables and yards must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition, free from vermin, fly and odour nuisance 
  • all reasonable measures must be taken to prevent a dust nuisance to the occupiers of neighbouring properties
  • the keeper of a stallion must take all measures necessary to ensure that it is kept behind a secure fence which is adequate to prevent it from escaping or attacking any person or other animal.

More information

The RSPCA provides useful information about keeping a horse and horse care.

Last updated: 13 May 2019