Driveway permits

House and driveway

If you are going to build, repair or modify a driveway you must have a driveway permit to cross the footway. Before issuing a permit, Brisbane City Council will assess your proposal against the relevant requirements and guidelines.

Your driveway must be:

Residential driveway permits

A permit is needed before you build, repair or modify a residential driveway. Find out when you can apply for a self-assessable permit and when you need to apply for full assessment.

Driveway technical standards

Proposed driveways must comply with several technical standards prior to approval.

Constructing driveways and street trees

When constructing a driveway, you must consider any impacts the driveway may have on street trees, as well what impacts the tree may have on your new driveway.

Other driveway approvals

Your driveway project may involve work that must be carried out or approved by Council or other organisations.

Definitions of driveway terms

Definitions and examples of different types of driveways and terminology including culvert, crossing and swale.


Last updated: 11 August 2021