Constructing driveways and street trees

To ensure minimal interference with street tree roots, no construction or excavation work may take place within the dripline of any tree.

Brisbane City Council may permit construction of your driveway to within one metre of the external trunk surface of a tree in situations where the tree is small, or has a small circumference of foliage.

Driveways should not be constructed over tree roots, as the potential exists for the roots to cause structural damage such as cracking, or upheaval of your driveway.

If you wish to construct a driveway within the dripline of an existing street tree, or over its root system, you will need to contact Council to arrange an inspection and assessment.

This assessment is necessary to ensure the ongoing health of the tree and to minimise possible impacts to your driveway.

Council may allow the removal of street trees for the construction of your driveway.

All street trees are protected by the Natural Assets Local Law 2003. Under this local law, interference with street trees is an offence and may attract a penalty.

If you think the construction of your driveway, including any associated works, will interfere with a street tree, you must contact Council to arrange for an assessment prior to commencing any work.

Last updated:13 May 2019