Residential driveway permits

A residential driveway provides car access for a single detached house. If you wish to build, repair or modify a residential driveway, you must apply for a permit. Brisbane City Council has two application types for residential driveways:

Find out about Council's standards and requirements for residential driveways.

You can also download the:


A self-assessment permit enables you to assess your own compliance against Council requirements. Your assessment of the driveway should be accurate and have no negative impacts on the environment, Council's infrastructure or the community.

You cannot apply for a self-assessment if you:

  • require an additional driveway
  • require a driveway wider than five metres on large lots and wider than three metres on small lots
  • require a driveway where you require removal or relocation of Council assets (such as parking meters, water meters, traffic islands and bus stops)
  • require a driveway within nine metres of a minor intersection or 18 metres of a major intersection
  • require a driveway within one metre of a street tree or its canopy dripline
  • cannot comply with Council's standard drawings.

If you do not meet any of the self-assessment requirements, you must apply for an onsite inspection and assessment by a Council officer.

Apply for a self-assessment permit

To apply for a self-assessment permit, complete the permit to construct a residential driveway online form. You may also need to upload any supporting documents if you have:

  • approval to remove or relocate Council or other organisation's assets
  • photos of existing damage to kerb, channel, footpath and/or road surface.

Alternatively, you can complete the hard copy form and submit your application by:

An immediate permit will be available for download if:

  • your driveway meets all the requirements
  • you have submitted your application, and
  • paid the relevant application fee.

You may require other driveway approvals if there are obstacles in the way of the proposed driveway site.

Full assessment (including onsite inspection)

If you need assistance designing a driveway that meets the standards, you must:

A Council officer will inspect the site within 20 working days to complete an assessment. You may require other driveway approvals if there are obstacles in the way of the proposed driveway site.

Council may refuse a residential driveway permit if your proposed driveway cannot meet the standards.

Alternatively, you can complete a hard copy of Application/notice to work on Council property and submit your application.

Permit expiry

Your driveway permit is valid for 12 months from the issue date. If your permit expires and construction has not been carried out within the 12 month period, a new application must be submitted.

Last updated:14 June 2019